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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual  /  Character Sets, Collations, Unicode  /  MySQL Server Locale Support

10.15 MySQL Server Locale Support

The locale indicated by the lc_time_names system variable controls the language used to display day and month names and abbreviations. This variable affects the output from the DATE_FORMAT(), DAYNAME(), and MONTHNAME() functions.

lc_time_names does not affect the STR_TO_DATE() or GET_FORMAT() function.

The lc_time_names value does not affect the result from FORMAT(), but this function takes an optional third parameter that enables a locale to be specified to be used for the result number's decimal point, thousands separator, and grouping between separators. Permissible locale values are the same as the legal values for the lc_time_names system variable.

Locale names have language and region subtags listed by IANA ( such as 'ja_JP' or 'pt_BR'. The default value is 'en_US' regardless of your system's locale setting, but you can set the value at server startup, or set the GLOBAL value at runtime if you have privileges sufficient to set global system variables; see Section, “System Variable Privileges”. Any client can examine the value of lc_time_names or set its SESSION value to affect the locale for its own connection.

mysql> SET NAMES 'utf8';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.09 sec)

mysql> SELECT @@lc_time_names;
| @@lc_time_names |
| en_US           |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> SELECT DAYNAME('2010-01-01'), MONTHNAME('2010-01-01');
| DAYNAME('2010-01-01') | MONTHNAME('2010-01-01') |
| Friday                | January                 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> SELECT DATE_FORMAT('2010-01-01','%W %a %M %b');
| DATE_FORMAT('2010-01-01','%W %a %M %b') |
| Friday Fri January Jan                  |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> SET lc_time_names = 'es_MX';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

mysql> SELECT @@lc_time_names;
| @@lc_time_names |
| es_MX           |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> SELECT DAYNAME('2010-01-01'), MONTHNAME('2010-01-01');
| DAYNAME('2010-01-01') | MONTHNAME('2010-01-01') |
| viernes               | enero                   |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> SELECT DATE_FORMAT('2010-01-01','%W %a %M %b');
| DATE_FORMAT('2010-01-01','%W %a %M %b') |
| viernes vie enero ene                   |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

The day or month name for each of the affected functions is converted from utf8 to the character set indicated by the character_set_connection system variable.

lc_time_names may be set to any of the following locale values. The set of locales supported by MySQL may differ from those supported by your operating system.

Locale Value Meaning
ar_AE: Arabic - United Arab Emirates ar_BH: Arabic - Bahrain
ar_DZ: Arabic - Algeria ar_EG: Arabic - Egypt
ar_IN: Arabic - India ar_IQ: Arabic - Iraq
ar_JO: Arabic - Jordan ar_KW: Arabic - Kuwait
ar_LB: Arabic - Lebanon ar_LY: Arabic - Libya
ar_MA: Arabic - Morocco ar_OM: Arabic - Oman
ar_QA: Arabic - Qatar ar_SA: Arabic - Saudi Arabia
ar_SD: Arabic - Sudan ar_SY: Arabic - Syria
ar_TN: Arabic - Tunisia ar_YE: Arabic - Yemen
be_BY: Belarusian - Belarus bg_BG: Bulgarian - Bulgaria
ca_ES: Catalan - Spain cs_CZ: Czech - Czech Republic
da_DK: Danish - Denmark de_AT: German - Austria
de_BE: German - Belgium de_CH: German - Switzerland
de_DE: German - Germany de_LU: German - Luxembourg
el_GR: Greek - Greece en_AU: English - Australia
en_CA: English - Canada en_GB: English - United Kingdom
en_IN: English - India en_NZ: English - New Zealand
en_PH: English - Philippines en_US: English - United States
en_ZA: English - South Africa en_ZW: English - Zimbabwe
es_AR: Spanish - Argentina es_BO: Spanish - Bolivia
es_CL: Spanish - Chile es_CO: Spanish - Colombia
es_CR: Spanish - Costa Rica es_DO: Spanish - Dominican Republic
es_EC: Spanish - Ecuador es_ES: Spanish - Spain
es_GT: Spanish - Guatemala es_HN: Spanish - Honduras
es_MX: Spanish - Mexico es_NI: Spanish - Nicaragua
es_PA: Spanish - Panama es_PE: Spanish - Peru
es_PR: Spanish - Puerto Rico es_PY: Spanish - Paraguay
es_SV: Spanish - El Salvador es_US: Spanish - United States
es_UY: Spanish - Uruguay es_VE: Spanish - Venezuela
et_EE: Estonian - Estonia eu_ES: Basque - Basque
fi_FI: Finnish - Finland fo_FO: Faroese - Faroe Islands
fr_BE: French - Belgium fr_CA: French - Canada
fr_CH: French - Switzerland fr_FR: French - France
fr_LU: French - Luxembourg gl_ES: Galician - Spain
gu_IN: Gujarati - India he_IL: Hebrew - Israel
hi_IN: Hindi - India hr_HR: Croatian - Croatia
hu_HU: Hungarian - Hungary id_ID: Indonesian - Indonesia
is_IS: Icelandic - Iceland it_CH: Italian - Switzerland
it_IT: Italian - Italy ja_JP: Japanese - Japan
ko_KR: Korean - Republic of Korea lt_LT: Lithuanian - Lithuania
lv_LV: Latvian - Latvia mk_MK: Macedonian - FYROM
mn_MN: Mongolia - Mongolian ms_MY: Malay - Malaysia
nb_NO: Norwegian(Bokmål) - Norway nl_BE: Dutch - Belgium
nl_NL: Dutch - The Netherlands no_NO: Norwegian - Norway
pl_PL: Polish - Poland pt_BR: Portugese - Brazil
pt_PT: Portugese - Portugal rm_CH: Romansh - Switzerland
ro_RO: Romanian - Romania ru_RU: Russian - Russia
ru_UA: Russian - Ukraine sk_SK: Slovak - Slovakia
sl_SI: Slovenian - Slovenia sq_AL: Albanian - Albania
sr_RS: Serbian - Yugoslavia sv_FI: Swedish - Finland
sv_SE: Swedish - Sweden ta_IN: Tamil - India
te_IN: Telugu - India th_TH: Thai - Thailand
tr_TR: Turkish - Turkey uk_UA: Ukrainian - Ukraine
ur_PK: Urdu - Pakistan vi_VN: Vietnamese - Viet Nam
zh_CN: Chinese - China zh_HK: Chinese - Hong Kong
zh_TW: Chinese - Taiwan Province of China

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