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MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual  /  The InnoDB Storage Engine  /  InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA Tables


This section provides information and usage examples for InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables.

InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables provide metadata, status information, and statistics about various aspects of the InnoDB storage engine. You can view a list of InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables by issuing a SHOW TABLES statement on the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database:


For table definitions, see Section 21.29, “INFORMATION_SCHEMA InnoDB Tables”. For general information regarding the MySQL INFORMATION_SCHEMA database, see Chapter 21, INFORMATION_SCHEMA Tables.

The InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables are themselves plugins to the MySQL server. To see what plugins are installed, use the SHOW PLUGINS statement or query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PLUGINS table. Use INSTALL PLUGIN syntax to install an INFORMATION_SCHEMA table plugin. If INFORMATION_SCHEMA table plugins are installed, but the InnoDB storage engine plugin is not installed, the tables appear empty.

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