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1.3.3 Installation Workflow with MySQL Installer

MySQL Installer provides a wizard-like tool to install and configure new MySQL products for Windows. Unlike the initial setup, which runs only once, MySQL Installer invokes the wizard each time you download or install a new product. For first-time installations, the steps of the initial setup proceed directly into the steps of the installation. For assistance with product selection, see Locating Products to Install.


Full permissions are granted to the user executing MySQL Installer to all generated files, such as my.ini. This does not apply to files and directories for specific products, such as the MySQL server data directory in %ProgramData% that is owned by SYSTEM.

Products installed and configured on a host follow a general pattern that might require your input during the various steps. If you attempt to install a product that is incompatible with the existing MySQL server version (or a version selected for upgrade), you are alerted about the possible mismatch.

MySQL Installer loads all selected products together using the following workflow:

  • Product download.  If you installed the full (not web) MySQL Installer package, all .msi files were loaded to the Product Cache folder during the initial setup and are not downloaded again. Otherwise, click Execute to begin the download. The status of each product changes from Downloading to Downloaded.

  • Product installation.  The status of each product in the list changes from Ready to Install, to Installing, and lastly to Complete. During the process, click Show Details to view the installation actions.

    If you cancel the installation at this point, the products are installed, but the server (if installed) is not yet configured. To restart the server configuration, open MySQL Installer from the Start menu and click the Reconfigure link next to the appropriate server in the dashboard.

  • Product configuration.  This step applies to MySQL Server, MySQL Router, and samples only. The status for each item in the list should indicate Ready to Configure.

    Click Next to start the configuration wizard for all items in the list. The configuration options presented during this step are specific to the version of database or router that you selected to install.

    Click Execute to begin applying the configuration options or click Back (repeatedly) to return to each configuration page. Click Finish to open the MySQL Installer dashboard.

  • Installation complete.  This step finalizes the installation for products that do not require configuration. It enables you to copy the log to a clipboard and to start certain applications, such as MySQL Workbench and MySQL Shell. Click Finish to open the MySQL Installer dashboard.