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7.5.2 Customizing InnoDB Cluster Member Servers

When you create a cluster and add instances to it, values such as the group name and the local address are configured automatically by AdminAPI. The default values are recommended for most deployments, but advanced users can override the defaults by passing the following options to the dba.createCluster() and Cluster.addInstance() commands:

  • Pass the groupName option to the dba.createCluster() command to customize the name of the replication group created by InnoDB Cluster. This sets the group_replication_group_name system variable. The name must be a valid UUID.

  • Pass the localAddress option to the dba.createCluster() and cluster.addInstance() commands to customize the address which an instance provides for connections from other instances. Specify the address in the format host:port. This sets the group_replication_local_address system variable on the instance. The address must be accessible to all instances in the cluster, and must be reserved for internal cluster communication only. In other words, do not use this address for communication with the instance.

For more information see the documentation of the system variables configured by these AdminAPI options.