MySQL Shell 8.4  /  MySQL AdminAPI  /  Installing AdminAPI Software Components

6.2 Installing AdminAPI Software Components

How you install the software components required by AdminAPI depends on the type of deployment you intend to use:

  • For a production deployment, install the components to each machine. A production deployment uses multiple remote host machines running MySQL server instances, so you need to connect to each machine using a tool such as SSH or Windows remote desktop to carry out tasks such as installing components.

  • For a sandbox deployment, install the components to a single machine. A sandbox deployment is local to a single machine, therefore the installation needs to only be done once on the local machine.


Always use the most recent versions of MySQL Shell and MySQL Router that are available to you, and ensure that their version is the same as or higher than the MySQL Server release. MySQL Shell and MySQL Router can manage older MySQL Server releases, but older versions of the products cannot manage features in newer MySQL Server releases.

Download and install the software components using the following documentation:

Once you have installed the required software, this section has further information on using AdminAPI. Follow the procedures to set up Chapter 7, MySQL InnoDB Cluster, Chapter 8, MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet, or Chapter 9, MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet.