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6.8 AdminAPI MySQL Sandboxes

This section explains how to set up a sandbox deployment with AdminAPI. Deploying and using local sandbox instances of MySQL is a good way to start your exploration of AdminAPI. You can test the functionality locally before deploying on your production servers. AdminAPI has built-in functionality for creating sandbox instances that are correctly configured to work with InnoDB Cluster, InnoDB ClusterSet, and InnoDB ReplicaSet in a locally deployed scenario.


Sandbox instances are only suitable for deploying and running on your local machine for testing purposes. In a production environment, the MySQL Server instances are deployed to various host machines on the network. For more information, see Section 7.4, “Deploying a Production InnoDB Cluster”.

Unlike a production deployment, where you work with instances and specify them by a connection string, sandbox instances run locally on the same machine as that you are running MySQL Shell. To select a sandbox instance, you supply the port number on which the MySQL sandbox instance is listening.