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6.5.9 Disabling Audit Logging

The audit_log_disable variable, introduced in MySQL 5.7.37, permits disabling audit logging for all connecting and connected sessions. The audit_log_disable variable can be set in a MySQL Server option file, in a command-line startup string, or at runtime using a SET statement; for example:

SET GLOBAL audit_log_disable = true;

Setting audit_log_disable to true disables the audit log plugin. The plugin is re-enabled when audit_log_disable is set back to false, which is the default setting.

Starting the audit log plugin with audit_log_disable = true generates a warning (ER_WARN_AUDIT_LOG_DISABLED) with the following message: Audit Log is disabled. Enable it with audit_log_disable = false. Setting audit_log_disable to false also generates warning. When audit_log_disable is set to true, audit log function calls and variable changes generate a session warning.

Setting the runtime value of audit_log_disable requires the SUPER privilege.