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The mysqlrouter_plugin_info utility is a debugging tool that inspects a MySQL Router plugin for potential conflicts and general problems.

Usage information:

shell> ./mysqlrouter_plugin_info --help

  ./mysqlrouter_plugin_info <mysqlrouter_plugin_file> <mysql_plugin_name>

  ./mysqlrouter_plugin_info /usr/lib/mysqlrouter/ routing

To print help information:
  ./mysqlrouter_plugin_info --help
To print application version:
  ./mysqlrouter_plugin_info --version

shell> ./bin/mysqlrouter_plugin_info --version

MySQLRouter Plugin Info App 8.0.3

Example usage:

shell> ./bin/mysqlrouter_plugin_info lib/mysqlrouter/ routing
    "abi-version": "2.0",
    "arch-descriptor": "i386/darwin//",
    "brief": "Routing MySQL connections between MySQL clients/connectors and servers",
    "plugin-version": "0.0.1",
    "requires": [],
    "conflicts": []

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