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The mysqlrouter_passwd utility is a a command line application to manage the accounts in the passwd file.


This feature was added in MySQL Router 8.0.16.

Usage information:

Usage: ./mysqlrouter_passwd [--delete] [-?|--help] [--kdf=<name>] [--list] [--verify]
                            [-V|--version] [--work-factor=<num>] [filename username]

      Delete username if it exists.
  -?, --help
      Display this help and exit.
  --kdf <name>
      Key Derivation Function. One of pbkdf2-sha256, pbkdf2-sha512, sha256-crypt, sha512-crypt. default: sha256-crypt
      List account(s).
      Verify password against stored hash for username. Exit-code is 0 if password matches, 1 otherwise
  -V, --version
      Display version information and exit.
  --work-factor <num>
      Work-factor hint for KDF if account is updated.