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12.2 Grant Table Scope Column Properties

Scope columns in the grant tables contain strings. The default value for each is the empty string. The following table shows the number of characters permitted in each column.

Table 12.1 Grant Table Scope Column Lengths

Column Name Maximum Permitted Characters
Host, Proxied_host 60
User, Proxied_user 32
Password 41
Db 64
Table_name 64
Column_name 64
Routine_name 64

Host and Proxied_host values are converted to lowercase before being stored in the grant tables.

For access-checking purposes, comparisons of User, Proxied_user, Password, authentication_string, Db, and Table_name values are case-sensitive. Comparisons of Host, Proxied_host, Column_name, and Routine_name values are not case-sensitive.