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30.5 User Statistics

The User Statistics report is based on the user summary sys schema views. For more information, see The user_summary and x$user_summary Views.


This graph is displayed only if a MySQL instance is selected in the All Targets drop-down menu.

Table View

The table view lists the statistics in a standard table format. The data can be sorted by column.

Figure 30.9 User Statistics Report - Table View

User Statistics Report Table View

  • Existing users who have never logged on to the instance are not listed in the results.

  • The mysql.sys user is not listed in the results.

  • The background user is the owner of the background threads running on the instance. Such as the storage engine threads, main server thread, and event scheduler.

Treemap View

The treemap displays the data in coloured boxes. The larger the box, the larger the value.

Select the required metric from the drop-down menu.

Figure 30.10 User Statistics Report - Tree View

User Statistics Report Tree View

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