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30.6 InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage

The InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage Report displays the amount of space used in the InnoDB buffer pool and how the space is used. The report is displayed in grid format. Each block in the grid represents a particular type of data stored in the buffer pool. Click a block to display more details.

For more information on the InnoDB Buffer Pool, see InnoDB Buffer Pool Configuration and The InnoDB Buffer Pool


This report requires the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE table, which is available in MySQL Server version 5.5.28 or higher.

Running the InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage Report

To run the usage report, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Reports & Graphs drop-down menu.

  2. Select InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage.

    The Generate Report page is displayed.

    This page displays a warning about the table and resource requirements of the report generation process and prompts you to select a MySQL Server to run the report against.


    The report can take some time to return results. If no data is returned within 2 minutes, the report times out and an error is displayed.

  3. Select the MySQL server from the asset tree.

    The Generate Report page is displayed.

  4. Click Generate Report.

    The Loading buffer pool report progress message is displayed.


    If you click Reload while the report is generating, the report generation process is cancelled and restarted. If you navigate away from the progress page, the report generation process is cancelled.

  5. The report is displayed.

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