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If all the attributes are of the same type, it is not necessary to define the types for each attribute. Instead, define a default element at the beginning of the attribute list. In the following example, the default element assigns the same counter and type to each attribute:

  <default counter="true" type="INTEGER"/>
  <attribute name="bytes_read"/>
  <attribute name="bytes_written"/>

It is possible to override the default setting by assigning a counter, type, or both to the attribute definition. For example:

	<default counter="true" type="INTEGER"/>
	<attribute name="total_wait_time_ms"/>
	<attribute name="total_statements"/>
	<attribute name="max_wait_time_ms" counter="false"/>
	<attribute name="total_errors"/>
	<attribute name="total_warnings"/>
	<attribute name="total_rows_returned"/>
	<attribute name="total_lock_time_ms"/>

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