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MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12 User's Guide
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MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12 User's Guide  /  Getting Started with MySQL Enterprise Backup  /  What's New in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12?

Chapter 3 What's New in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12?

This chapter highlights the new features in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12, as well as any significant changes made to MySQL Enterprise Backup with the release of this series.

  • Renaming a table restored from a TTS backup.  You can now rename a table when you restore it from a backup created using transportable tablespace (TTS). See the description for the --rename option for details.

  • Support for OpenStack Object Storage.  MySQL Enterprise Backup now supports cloud backup and restore using OpenStack Object Storage (Swift). MySQL Enterprise Backup supports the Swift v1.0 API, and also the OpenStack Identity (Keystone) API v2.0 for authentication. Also supports authentication using Swift's TempAuth system. A number of new command options have been introduced to support OpenStack Object Storage; see Section 14.14, “Cloud Storage Options”, for details.

  • Binary and Relay Logs are now compressed when included in a compressed backup.  The binary log file and relay log files (in the case of a replica server) are now compressed when they are being included in a compressed backup and decompressed during a restore.

  • Copying of the binary and relay Logs can now be skipped during a restore.  The --skip-binlog and --skip-relaylog options can now be used to skip the copying back of the binary log and relay log onto a server during a restore. This is particularly useful for users who do not want those logs appearing in the restored server's data directory, as that is always the location to which mysqlbackup will restore them, regardless of their original locations on the backed-up server.