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MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12 User's Guide
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Chapter 1 Introduction to MySQL Enterprise Backup

The MySQL Enterprise Backup product performs backup operations for MySQL data. It can back up all kinds of MySQL tables. It has special optimizations for fast and convenient backups of InnoDB tables. Because of the speed of InnoDB backups, and the reliability and scalability features of InnoDB tables, we recommend that you use InnoDB tables for your most important data.

This book describes the best practices regarding MySQL backups and documents how to use MySQL Enterprise Backup features to implement these practices. This book teaches you:

  • Why backups are important.

  • The files that make up a MySQL database and the roles they play.

  • How to keep the database running during a backup.

  • How to minimize the time, CPU overhead, and storage overhead for a backup job. Often, minimizing one of these aspects increases another.

  • How to restore your data when disaster strikes. You learn how to verify backups and practice recovery, so that you can stay calm and confident under pressure.

  • Other ways to use backup data for day-to-day administration and in deploying new servers.