MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4 User Manual  /  Attribute Summary Tables  /  Management Node Configuration Parameters

A.1 Management Node Configuration Parameters

  • ArbitrationDelay: When asked to arbitrate, arbitrator waits this long before voting (milliseconds).

  • ArbitrationRank: If 0, then management node is not arbitrator. Kernel selects arbitrators in order 1, 2.

  • DataDir: Data directory for this node.

  • ExecuteOnComputer: String referencing earlier defined COMPUTER.

  • ExtraSendBufferMemory: Memory to use for send buffers in addition to any allocated by TotalSendBufferMemory or SendBufferMemory. Default (0) allows up to 16MB.

  • HeartbeatIntervalMgmdMgmd: Time between management-node-to-management-node heartbeats; connection between management nodes is considered lost after 3 missed heartbeats.

  • HeartbeatThreadPriority: Set heartbeat thread policy and priority for management nodes; see manual for allowed values.

  • HostName: Host name or IP address for this management node.

  • Id: Number identifying management node. Now deprecated; use NodeId instead.

  • LogDestination: Where to send log messages: console, system log, or specified log file.

  • NodeId: Number uniquely identifying management node among all nodes in cluster.

  • PortNumber: Port number to send commands to and fetch configuration from management server.

  • PortNumberStats: Port number used to get statistical information from management server.

  • TotalSendBufferMemory: Total memory to use for all transporter send buffers.

  • wan: Use WAN TCP setting as default.