MySQL 9.0.0
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ha_tina Class Reference

#include <ha_tina.h>

Inheritance diagram for ha_tina:

Public Member Functions

 ha_tina (handlerton *hton, TABLE_SHARE *table_arg)
 ~ha_tina () override
const char * table_type () const override
 The following can be called without an open handler. More...
ulonglong table_flags () const override
ulong index_flags (uint, uint, bool) const override
uint max_record_length () const
uint max_keys () const
uint max_key_parts () const
uint max_key_length () const
double scan_time () override
virtual bool fast_key_read ()
ha_rows estimate_rows_upper_bound () override
 Return upper bound of current number of records in the table (max. More...
int open (const char *name, int mode, uint open_options, const dd::Table *table_def) override
int close (void) override
int write_row (uchar *buf) override
 Write a row. More...
int update_row (const uchar *old_data, uchar *new_data) override
 Update a single row. More...
int delete_row (const uchar *buf) override
int rnd_init (bool scan=true) override
 rnd_init() can be called two times without rnd_end() in between (it only makes sense if scan=1). More...
int rnd_next (uchar *buf) override
int rnd_pos (uchar *buf, uchar *pos) override
bool check_and_repair (THD *thd) override
 Check and repair the table if necessary. More...
int check (THD *thd, HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt) override
bool is_crashed () const override
 Check if the table is crashed. More...
int rnd_end () override
int repair (THD *thd, HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt) override
 In this method check_opt can be modified to specify CHECK option to use to call check() upon the table. More...
bool auto_repair () const override
 Check if the table can be automatically repaired. More...
void position (const uchar *record) override
int info (uint) override
 General method to gather info from handler. More...
int extra (enum ha_extra_function operation) override
 Storage engine specific implementation of ha_extra() More...
int delete_all_rows (void) override
 Delete all rows in a table. More...
int create (const char *name, TABLE *form, HA_CREATE_INFO *create_info, dd::Table *table_def) override
 Create table (implementation). More...
bool check_if_incompatible_data (HA_CREATE_INFO *info, uint table_changes) override
 Part of old, deprecated in-place ALTER API. More...
THR_LOCK_DATA ** store_lock (THD *thd, THR_LOCK_DATA **to, enum thr_lock_type lock_type) override
 Is not invoked for non-transactional temporary tables. More...
void get_status ()
void update_status ()
int encode_quote (uchar *buf)
int find_current_row (uchar *buf)
int chain_append ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from handler
void unbind_psi ()
void rebind_psi ()
void start_psi_batch_mode ()
 Put the handler in 'batch' mode when collecting table io instrumented events. More...
void end_psi_batch_mode ()
 End a batch started with start_psi_batch_mode. More...
bool end_psi_batch_mode_if_started ()
 If a PSI batch was started, turn if off. More...
 handler (handlerton *ht_arg, TABLE_SHARE *share_arg)
virtual ~handler (void)
virtual std::string explain_extra () const
 Return extra handler specific text for EXPLAIN. More...
virtual handlerclone (const char *name, MEM_ROOT *mem_root)
void init ()
 This is called after create to allow us to set up cached variables. More...
void ha_set_record_buffer (Record_buffer *buffer)
 Set a record buffer that the storage engine can use for multi-row reads. More...
Record_bufferha_get_record_buffer () const
 Get the record buffer that was set with ha_set_record_buffer(). More...
bool ha_is_record_buffer_wanted (ha_rows *const max_rows) const
 Does this handler want to get a Record_buffer for multi-row reads via the ha_set_record_buffer() function? And if so, what is the maximum number of records to allocate space for in the buffer? More...
int ha_open (TABLE *table, const char *name, int mode, int test_if_locked, const dd::Table *table_def)
int ha_close (void)
 Close handler. More...
int ha_index_init (uint idx, bool sorted)
 Initialize use of index. More...
int ha_index_end ()
 End use of index. More...
int ha_rnd_init (bool scan)
 Initialize table for random read or scan. More...
int ha_rnd_end ()
 End use of random access. More...
int ha_rnd_next (uchar *buf)
 Read next row via random scan. More...
int ha_rnd_pos (uchar *buf, uchar *pos)
 Read row via random scan from position. More...
int ha_index_read_map (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, key_part_map keypart_map, enum ha_rkey_function find_flag)
 Read [part of] row via [part of] index. More...
int ha_index_read_last_map (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, key_part_map keypart_map)
int ha_index_read_idx_map (uchar *buf, uint index, const uchar *key, key_part_map keypart_map, enum ha_rkey_function find_flag)
 Initializes an index and read it. More...
int ha_index_next (uchar *buf)
 Reads the next row via index. More...
int ha_index_prev (uchar *buf)
 Reads the previous row via index. More...
int ha_index_first (uchar *buf)
 Reads the first row via index. More...
int ha_index_last (uchar *buf)
 Reads the last row via index. More...
int ha_index_next_same (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, uint keylen)
 Reads the next same row via index. More...
int ha_reset ()
 Check handler usage and reset state of file to after 'open'. More...
int ha_index_or_rnd_end ()
Table_flags ha_table_flags () const
 The cached_table_flags is set at ha_open and ha_external_lock. More...
int ha_external_lock (THD *thd, int lock_type)
 These functions represent the public interface to users of the handler class, hence they are not virtual. More...
int ha_write_row (uchar *buf)
int ha_update_row (const uchar *old_data, uchar *new_data)
 Update the current row. More...
int ha_delete_row (const uchar *buf)
void ha_release_auto_increment ()
int ha_check_for_upgrade (HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt)
int ha_check (THD *thd, HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt)
 to be actually called to get 'check()' functionality More...
int ha_repair (THD *thd, HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt)
 Repair table: public interface. More...
void ha_start_bulk_insert (ha_rows rows)
 Start bulk insert. More...
int ha_end_bulk_insert ()
 End bulk insert. More...
int ha_bulk_update_row (const uchar *old_data, uchar *new_data, uint *dup_key_found)
 Bulk update row: public interface. More...
int ha_delete_all_rows ()
 Delete all rows: public interface. More...
int ha_truncate (dd::Table *table_def)
 Truncate table: public interface. More...
int ha_optimize (THD *thd, HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt)
 Optimize table: public interface. More...
int ha_analyze (THD *thd, HA_CHECK_OPT *check_opt)
 Analyze table: public interface. More...
bool ha_check_and_repair (THD *thd)
 Check and repair table: public interface. More...
int ha_disable_indexes (uint mode)
 Disable indexes: public interface. More...
int ha_enable_indexes (uint mode)
 Enable indexes: public interface. More...
int ha_discard_or_import_tablespace (bool discard, dd::Table *table_def)
 Discard or import tablespace: public interface. More...
int ha_rename_table (const char *from, const char *to, const dd::Table *from_table_def, dd::Table *to_table_def)
 Rename table: public interface. More...
int ha_delete_table (const char *name, const dd::Table *table_def)
 Delete table: public interface. More...
void ha_drop_table (const char *name)
 Drop table in the engine: public interface. More...
int ha_create (const char *name, TABLE *form, HA_CREATE_INFO *info, dd::Table *table_def)
 Create a table in the engine: public interface. More...
int ha_load_table (const TABLE &table, bool *skip_metadata_update)
 Loads a table into its defined secondary storage engine: public interface. More...
int ha_unload_table (const char *db_name, const char *table_name, bool error_if_not_loaded)
 Unloads a table from its defined secondary storage engine: public interface. More...
virtual int parallel_scan_init (void *&scan_ctx, size_t *num_threads, bool use_reserved_threads, size_t max_desired_threads)
 Initializes a parallel scan. More...
virtual int parallel_scan (void *scan_ctx, void **thread_ctxs, Load_init_cbk init_fn, Load_cbk load_fn, Load_end_cbk end_fn)
 Run the parallel read of data. More...
virtual void parallel_scan_end (void *scan_ctx)
 End of the parallel scan. More...
virtual bool bulk_load_check (THD *thd) const
 Check if the table is ready for bulk load. More...
virtual size_t bulk_load_available_memory (THD *thd) const
 Get the total memory available for bulk load in SE. More...
virtual void * bulk_load_begin (THD *thd, size_t data_size, size_t memory, size_t num_threads)
 Begin parallel bulk data load to the table. More...
virtual int bulk_load_execute (THD *thd, void *load_ctx, size_t thread_idx, const Rows_mysql &rows, Bulk_load::Stat_callbacks &wait_cbk)
 Execute bulk load operation. More...
virtual int open_blob (THD *thd, void *load_ctx, size_t thread_idx, Blob_context &blob_ctx, unsigned char *blobref)
 Open a blob for write operation. More...
virtual int write_blob (THD *thd, void *load_ctx, size_t thread_idx, Blob_context blob_ctx, unsigned char *blobref, const unsigned char *data, size_t data_len)
 Write to a blob. More...
virtual int close_blob (THD *thd, void *load_ctx, size_t thread_idx, Blob_context blob_ctx, unsigned char *blobref)
 Close the blob. More...
virtual int bulk_load_end (THD *thd, void *load_ctx, bool is_error)
 End bulk load operation. More...
bool ha_get_se_private_data (dd::Table *dd_table, bool reset)
 Submit a dd::Table object representing a core DD table having hardcoded data to be filled in by the DDSE. More...
void adjust_next_insert_id_after_explicit_value (ulonglong nr)
int update_auto_increment ()
virtual void print_error (int error, myf errflag)
 Print error that we got from handler function. More...
virtual bool get_error_message (int error, String *buf)
 Return an error message specific to this handler. More...
uint get_dup_key (int error)
virtual bool get_foreign_dup_key (char *child_table_name, uint child_table_name_len, char *child_key_name, uint child_key_name_len)
 Retrieves the names of the table and the key for which there was a duplicate entry in the case of HA_ERR_FOREIGN_DUPLICATE_KEY. More...
virtual void change_table_ptr (TABLE *table_arg, TABLE_SHARE *share)
 Change the internal TABLE_SHARE pointer. More...
const TABLE_SHAREget_table_share () const
const TABLEget_table () const
virtual double read_time (uint index, uint ranges, ha_rows rows)
 The cost of reading a set of ranges from the table using an index to access it. More...
virtual double index_only_read_time (uint keynr, double records)
 Calculate cost of 'index only' scan for given index and number of records. More...
virtual Cost_estimate table_scan_cost ()
 Cost estimate for doing a complete table scan. More...
virtual Cost_estimate index_scan_cost (uint index, double ranges, double rows)
 Cost estimate for reading a number of ranges from an index. More...
virtual Cost_estimate read_cost (uint index, double ranges, double rows)
 Cost estimate for reading a set of ranges from the table using an index to access it. More...
virtual double page_read_cost (uint index, double reads)
 Cost estimate for doing a number of non-sequentially accesses against the storage engine. More...
virtual double worst_seek_times (double reads)
 Provide an upper cost-limit of doing a specified number of seek-and-read key lookups. More...
virtual longlong get_memory_buffer_size () const
 Return an estimate on the amount of memory the storage engine will use for caching data in memory. More...
double table_in_memory_estimate () const
 Return an estimate of how much of the table that is currently stored in main memory. More...
double index_in_memory_estimate (uint keyno) const
 Return an estimate of how much of the index that is currently stored in main memory. More...
int ha_sample_init (void *&scan_ctx, double sampling_percentage, int sampling_seed, enum_sampling_method sampling_method, const bool tablesample)
 Initialize sampling. More...
int ha_sample_next (void *scan_ctx, uchar *buf)
 Get the next record for sampling. More...
int ha_sample_end (void *scan_ctx)
 End sampling. More...
virtual ha_rows multi_range_read_info_const (uint keyno, RANGE_SEQ_IF *seq, void *seq_init_param, uint n_ranges, uint *bufsz, uint *flags, Cost_estimate *cost)
 Get cost and other information about MRR scan over a known list of ranges. More...
virtual ha_rows multi_range_read_info (uint keyno, uint n_ranges, uint keys, uint *bufsz, uint *flags, Cost_estimate *cost)
 Get cost and other information about MRR scan over some sequence of ranges. More...
virtual int multi_range_read_init (RANGE_SEQ_IF *seq, void *seq_init_param, uint n_ranges, uint mode, HANDLER_BUFFER *buf)
 Initialize the MRR scan. More...
int ha_multi_range_read_next (char **range_info)
int ha_read_range_first (const key_range *start_key, const key_range *end_key, bool eq_range, bool sorted)
int ha_read_range_next ()
bool has_transactions ()
virtual uint extra_rec_buf_length () const
virtual bool is_ignorable_error (int error)
 Determine whether an error can be ignored or not. More...
virtual bool is_fatal_error (int error)
 Determine whether an error is fatal or not. More...
int ha_records (ha_rows *num_rows)
 Wrapper function to call records() in storage engine. More...
int ha_records (ha_rows *num_rows, uint index)
 Wrapper function to call records_from_index() in storage engine. More...
virtual enum row_type get_real_row_type (const HA_CREATE_INFO *create_info) const
 Get real row type for the table created based on one specified by user, CREATE TABLE options and SE capabilities. More...
virtual enum ha_key_alg get_default_index_algorithm () const
 Get default key algorithm for SE. More...
virtual bool is_index_algorithm_supported (enum ha_key_alg key_alg) const
 Check if SE supports specific key algorithm. More...
virtual void column_bitmaps_signal ()
 Signal that the table->read_set and table->write_set table maps changed The handler is allowed to set additional bits in the above map in this call. More...
uint get_index (void) const
virtual bool start_bulk_update ()
virtual bool start_bulk_delete ()
virtual int exec_bulk_update (uint *dup_key_found)
 After this call all outstanding updates must be performed. More...
virtual void end_bulk_update ()
 Perform any needed clean-up, no outstanding updates are there at the moment. More...
virtual int end_bulk_delete ()
 Execute all outstanding deletes and close down the bulk delete. More...
void set_end_range (const key_range *range, enum_range_scan_direction direction)
 Set the end position for a range scan. More...
int compare_key (key_range *range)
 Compare if found key (in row) is over max-value. More...
int compare_key_icp (const key_range *range) const
int compare_key_in_buffer (const uchar *buf) const
 Check if the key in the given buffer (which is not necessarily TABLE::record[0]) is within range. More...
virtual int ft_init ()
virtual FT_INFOft_init_ext (uint flags, uint inx, String *key)
virtual FT_INFOft_init_ext_with_hints (uint inx, String *key, Ft_hints *hints)
int ha_ft_read (uchar *buf)
int ha_read_first_row (uchar *buf, uint primary_key)
 Read first row (only) from a table. More...
virtual int rnd_pos_by_record (uchar *record)
 This function only works for handlers having HA_PRIMARY_KEY_REQUIRED_FOR_POSITION set. More...
virtual ha_rows records_in_range (uint inx, key_range *min_key, key_range *max_key)
 Find number of records in a range. More...
virtual uint32 calculate_key_hash_value (Field **field_array)
int ha_extra (enum ha_extra_function operation)
 Request storage engine to do an extra operation: enable,disable or run some functionality. More...
virtual int extra_opt (enum ha_extra_function operation, ulong cache_size)
virtual const handlertonhton_supporting_engine_pushdown ()
 Get the handlerton of the storage engine if the SE is capable of pushing down some of the AccessPath functionality. More...
virtual bool start_read_removal (void)
 Start read (before write) removal on the current table. More...
virtual ha_rows end_read_removal (void)
 End read (before write) removal and return the number of rows really written. More...
virtual bool was_semi_consistent_read ()
virtual void try_semi_consistent_read (bool)
 Tell the engine whether it should avoid unnecessary lock waits. More...
virtual void unlock_row ()
 Unlock last accessed row. More...
virtual int start_stmt (THD *thd, thr_lock_type lock_type)
 Start a statement when table is locked. More...
virtual void get_auto_increment (ulonglong offset, ulonglong increment, ulonglong nb_desired_values, ulonglong *first_value, ulonglong *nb_reserved_values)
 Reserves an interval of auto_increment values from the handler. More...
void set_next_insert_id (ulonglong id)
void restore_auto_increment (ulonglong prev_insert_id)
virtual void update_create_info (HA_CREATE_INFO *create_info)
 Update create info as part of ALTER TABLE. More...
virtual int assign_to_keycache (THD *, HA_CHECK_OPT *)
virtual int preload_keys (THD *, HA_CHECK_OPT *)
virtual int indexes_are_disabled (void)
 Check if indexes are disabled. More...
virtual void append_create_info (String *packet)
virtual void init_table_handle_for_HANDLER ()
uint max_record_length () const
uint max_keys () const
uint max_key_parts () const
uint max_key_length () const
uint max_key_part_length (HA_CREATE_INFO *create_info) const
virtual uint max_supported_record_length () const
virtual uint max_supported_keys () const
virtual uint max_supported_key_parts () const
virtual uint max_supported_key_length () const
virtual uint max_supported_key_part_length (HA_CREATE_INFO *create_info) const
virtual uint min_record_length (uint options) const
virtual bool low_byte_first () const
virtual ha_checksum checksum () const
virtual uint lock_count (void) const
 Get number of lock objects returned in store_lock. More...
virtual bool primary_key_is_clustered () const
 Check if the primary key is clustered or not. More...
virtual int cmp_ref (const uchar *ref1, const uchar *ref2) const
 Compare two positions. More...
virtual const Itemcond_push (const Item *cond)
 Push condition down to the table handler. More...
virtual Itemidx_cond_push (uint keyno, Item *idx_cond)
 Push down an index condition to the handler. More...
virtual void cancel_pushed_idx_cond ()
 Reset information about pushed index conditions. More...
virtual uint number_of_pushed_joins () const
 Reports number of tables included in pushed join which this handler instance is part of. More...
virtual const TABLEmember_of_pushed_join () const
 If this handler instance is part of a pushed join sequence returned TABLE instance being root of the pushed query? More...
virtual const TABLEparent_of_pushed_join () const
 If this handler instance is a child in a pushed join sequence returned TABLE instance being my parent? More...
virtual table_map tables_in_pushed_join () const
int ha_index_read_pushed (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, key_part_map keypart_map)
int ha_index_next_pushed (uchar *buf)
virtual enum_alter_inplace_result check_if_supported_inplace_alter (TABLE *altered_table, Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info)
 Check if a storage engine supports a particular alter table in-place. More...
bool ha_prepare_inplace_alter_table (TABLE *altered_table, Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info, const dd::Table *old_table_def, dd::Table *new_table_def)
 Public functions wrapping the actual handler call. More...
bool ha_inplace_alter_table (TABLE *altered_table, Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info, const dd::Table *old_table_def, dd::Table *new_table_def)
 Public function wrapping the actual handler call. More...
bool ha_commit_inplace_alter_table (TABLE *altered_table, Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info, bool commit, const dd::Table *old_table_def, dd::Table *new_table_def)
 Public function wrapping the actual handler call. More...
void ha_notify_table_changed (Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info)
 Public function wrapping the actual handler call. More...
virtual void use_hidden_primary_key ()
 use_hidden_primary_key() is called in case of an update/delete when (table_flags() and HA_PRIMARY_KEY_REQUIRED_FOR_DELETE) is defined but we don't have a primary key More...
virtual int bulk_update_row (const uchar *old_data, uchar *new_data, uint *dup_key_found)
 This method is similar to update_row, however the handler doesn't need to execute the updates at this point in time. More...
virtual int truncate (dd::Table *table_def)
 Quickly remove all rows from a table. More...
virtual int optimize (THD *, HA_CHECK_OPT *)
virtual int analyze (THD *, HA_CHECK_OPT *)
virtual int disable_indexes (uint mode)
 Disable indexes for a while. More...
virtual int enable_indexes (uint mode)
 Enable indexes again. More...
virtual int discard_or_import_tablespace (bool discard, dd::Table *table_def)
 Discard or import tablespace. More...
virtual void drop_table (const char *name)
virtual bool get_se_private_data (dd::Table *dd_table, bool reset)
virtual int get_extra_columns_and_keys (const HA_CREATE_INFO *create_info, const List< Create_field > *create_list, const KEY *key_info, uint key_count, dd::Table *table_obj)
 Adjust definition of table to be created by adding implicit columns and indexes necessary for the storage engine. More...
virtual bool set_ha_share_ref (Handler_share **arg_ha_share)
void set_ha_table (TABLE *table_arg)
int get_lock_type () const
virtual Partition_handlerget_partition_handler ()
bool ha_upgrade_table (THD *thd, const char *dbname, const char *table_name, dd::Table *dd_table, TABLE *table_arg)
 Set se_private_id and se_private_data during upgrade. More...
void ha_set_primary_handler (handler *primary_handler)
 Store a pointer to the handler of the primary table that corresponds to the secondary table in this handler. More...
handlerha_get_primary_handler () const
 Get a pointer to a handler for the table in the primary storage engine, if this handler is for a table in a secondary storage engine. More...
void ha_mv_key_capacity (uint *num_keys, size_t *keys_length) const
 Return max limits for a single set of multi-valued keys. More...
virtual void set_external_table_offload_error (const char *)
 Propagates the secondary storage engine offload failure reason for a query to the external engine when the offloaded query fails in the secondary storage engine. More...
virtual void external_table_offload_error () const
 Identifies and throws the propagated external engine query offload or exec failure reason given by the external engine handler. More...

Private Member Functions

bool get_write_pos (my_off_t *end_pos, tina_set *closest_hole)
int open_update_temp_file_if_needed ()
int init_tina_writer ()
int init_data_file ()
 Initialize the data file. More...

Private Attributes

my_off_t current_position
my_off_t next_position
my_off_t local_saved_data_file_length
my_off_t temp_file_length
uchar byte_buffer [IO_SIZE]
File data_file
File update_temp_file
String buffer
tina_set chain_buffer [DEFAULT_CHAIN_LENGTH]
uchar chain_alloced
uint32 chain_size
uint local_data_file_version
bool records_is_known
MEM_ROOT blobroot

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from handler
enum  enum_range_scan_direction { RANGE_SCAN_ASC , RANGE_SCAN_DESC }
enum  { NONE = 0 , INDEX , RND , SAMPLING }
typedef ulonglong Table_flags
using Blob_context = void *
using Load_init_cbk = std::function< bool(void *cookie, ulong ncols, ulong row_len, const ulong *col_offsets, const ulong *null_byte_offsets, const ulong *null_bitmasks)>
 This callback is called by each parallel load thread at the beginning of the parallel load for the adapter scan. More...
using Load_cbk = std::function< bool(void *cookie, uint nrows, void *rowdata, uint64_t partition_id)>
 This callback is called by each parallel load thread when processing of rows is required for the adapter scan. More...
using Load_end_cbk = std::function< void(void *cookie)>
 This callback is called by each parallel load thread when processing of rows has ended for the adapter scan. More...
typedef void(* my_gcolumn_template_callback_t) (const TABLE *, void *)
 Callback function that will be called by my_prepare_gcolumn_template once the table has been opened. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from handler
static bool my_prepare_gcolumn_template (THD *thd, const char *db_name, const char *table_name, my_gcolumn_template_callback_t myc, void *ib_table)
 Callback to allow InnoDB to prepare a template for generated column processing. More...
static bool my_eval_gcolumn_expr_with_open (THD *thd, const char *db_name, const char *table_name, const MY_BITMAP *const fields, uchar *record, const char **mv_data_ptr, ulong *mv_length)
 Callback for generated columns processing. More...
static bool my_eval_gcolumn_expr (THD *thd, TABLE *table, const MY_BITMAP *const fields, uchar *record, const char **mv_data_ptr, ulong *mv_length)
 Callback for computing generated column values. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from handler
 Pointer to current row. More...
 Pointer to duplicate row. More...
ha_statistics stats
range_seq_t mrr_iter
RANGE_SEQ_IF mrr_funcs
uint ranges_in_seq
bool mrr_is_output_sorted
bool mrr_have_range
KEY_MULTI_RANGE mrr_cur_range
 End value for a range scan. More...
bool m_virt_gcol_in_end_range = false
 Flag which tells if end_range contains a virtual generated column. More...
uint errkey
uint key_used_on_scan
uint active_index
uint ref_length
 Length of ref (1-8 or the clustered key length) More...
enum handler:: { ... }  inited
bool implicit_emptied
const Itempushed_cond
uint pushed_idx_cond_keyno
ulonglong next_insert_id
 next_insert_id is the next value which should be inserted into the auto_increment column: in a inserting-multi-row statement (like INSERT SELECT), for the first row where the autoinc value is not specified by the statement, get_auto_increment() called and asked to generate a value, next_insert_id is set to the next value, then for all other rows next_insert_id is used (and increased each time) without calling get_auto_increment(). More...
ulonglong insert_id_for_cur_row
 insert id for the current row (autogenerated; if not autogenerated, it's 0). More...
Discrete_interval auto_inc_interval_for_cur_row
 Interval returned by get_auto_increment() and being consumed by the inserter. More...
uint auto_inc_intervals_count
 Number of reserved auto-increment intervals. More...
 Instrumented table associated with this handler. More...
std::mt19937 * m_random_number_engine {nullptr}
double m_sampling_percentage
- Protected Member Functions inherited from handler
virtual int multi_range_read_next (char **range_info)
 Get next record in MRR scan. More...
virtual int records (ha_rows *num_rows)
 Number of rows in table. More...
virtual int records_from_index (ha_rows *num_rows, uint index)
 Number of rows in table counted using the secondary index chosen by optimizer. More...
virtual int index_read_map (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, key_part_map keypart_map, enum ha_rkey_function find_flag)
 Positions an index cursor to the index specified in the handle ('active_index'). More...
virtual int index_read_idx_map (uchar *buf, uint index, const uchar *key, key_part_map keypart_map, enum ha_rkey_function find_flag)
 Positions an index cursor to the index specified in argument. More...
virtual int index_next (uchar *)
virtual int index_prev (uchar *)
virtual int index_first (uchar *)
virtual int index_last (uchar *)
virtual int index_next_same (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, uint keylen)
virtual int index_read_last_map (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, key_part_map keypart_map)
 The following functions works like index_read, but it find the last row with the current key value or prefix. More...
virtual int read_range_first (const key_range *start_key, const key_range *end_key, bool eq_range_arg, bool sorted)
 Read first row between two ranges. More...
virtual int read_range_next ()
 Read next row between two endpoints. More...
virtual int ft_read (uchar *)
virtual int index_read_pushed (uchar *, const uchar *, key_part_map)
virtual int index_next_pushed (uchar *)
virtual bool prepare_inplace_alter_table (TABLE *altered_table, Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info, const dd::Table *old_table_def, dd::Table *new_table_def)
 Allows the storage engine to update internal structures with concurrent writes blocked. More...
virtual bool inplace_alter_table (TABLE *altered_table, Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info, const dd::Table *old_table_def, dd::Table *new_table_def)
 Alter the table structure in-place with operations specified using HA_ALTER_FLAGS and Alter_inplace_info. More...
virtual bool commit_inplace_alter_table (TABLE *altered_table, Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info, bool commit, const dd::Table *old_table_def, dd::Table *new_table_def)
 Commit or rollback the changes made during prepare_inplace_alter_table() and inplace_alter_table() inside the storage engine. More...
virtual void notify_table_changed (Alter_inplace_info *ha_alter_info)
 Notify the storage engine that the table definition has been updated. More...
void ha_statistic_increment (ulonglong System_status_var::*offset) const
THDha_thd () const
PSI_table_shareha_table_share_psi (const TABLE_SHARE *share) const
 Acquire the instrumented table information from a table share. More...
virtual int rename_table (const char *from, const char *to, const dd::Table *from_table_def, dd::Table *to_table_def)
 Default rename_table() and delete_table() rename/delete files with a given name and extensions from handlerton::file_extensions. More...
virtual int delete_table (const char *name, const dd::Table *table_def)
 Delete a table. More...
virtual int index_read (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, uint key_len, enum ha_rkey_function find_flag)
virtual int index_read_last (uchar *buf, const uchar *key, uint key_len)
Handler_shareget_ha_share_ptr ()
 Get an initialized ha_share. More...
void set_ha_share_ptr (Handler_share *arg_ha_share)
 Set ha_share to be used by all instances of the same table/partition. More...
void lock_shared_ha_data ()
 Take a lock for protecting shared handler data. More...
void unlock_shared_ha_data ()
 Release lock for protecting ha_share. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from handler
Table_flags cached_table_flags {0}
ha_rows estimation_rows_to_insert
bool eq_range
bool in_range_check_pushed_down

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ha_tina()

ha_tina::ha_tina ( handlerton hton,
TABLE_SHARE table_arg 

◆ ~ha_tina()

ha_tina::~ha_tina ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ auto_repair()

bool ha_tina::auto_repair ( ) const

Check if the table can be automatically repaired.

Return values
trueCan be auto repaired
falseCannot be auto repaired

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ chain_append()

int ha_tina::chain_append ( )

◆ check()

int ha_tina::check ( THD thd,
HA_CHECK_OPT check_opt 

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ check_and_repair()

bool ha_tina::check_and_repair ( THD thd)

Check and repair the table if necessary.

thdThread object
Return values
trueError/Not supported
Called if open_table_from_share fails and is_crashed().

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ check_if_incompatible_data()

bool ha_tina::check_if_incompatible_data ( HA_CREATE_INFO create_info,
uint  table_changes 

Part of old, deprecated in-place ALTER API.

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ close()

int ha_tina::close ( void  )

Implements handler.

◆ create()

int ha_tina::create ( const char *  name,
TABLE form,
dd::Table table_def 

Create table (implementation).

[in]nameTable name.
[in]formTABLE object describing the table to be created.
[in]infoHA_CREATE_INFO describing table.
[in,out]table_defdd::Table object describing the table to be created. This object can be adjusted by storage engine if it supports atomic DDL (i.e. has HTON_SUPPORTS_ATOMIC_DDL flag set). These changes will be persisted in the data-dictionary. Can be NULL for temporary tables created by optimizer.
Return values

Implements handler.

◆ delete_all_rows()

int ha_tina::delete_all_rows ( void  )

Delete all rows in a table.

This is called both for cases of truncate and for cases where the optimizer realizes that all rows will be removed as a result of an SQL statement.

If the handler don't support this, then this function will return HA_ERR_WRONG_COMMAND and MySQL will delete the rows one by one.

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ delete_row()

int ha_tina::delete_row ( const uchar buf)

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ encode_quote()

int ha_tina::encode_quote ( uchar buf)

◆ estimate_rows_upper_bound()

ha_rows ha_tina::estimate_rows_upper_bound ( )

Return upper bound of current number of records in the table (max.

of how many records one will retrieve when doing a full table scan) If upper bound is not known, HA_POS_ERROR should be returned as a max possible upper bound.

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ extra()

int ha_tina::extra ( enum ha_extra_function  operation)

Storage engine specific implementation of ha_extra()

operationthe operation to perform
0 on success error otherwise

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ fast_key_read()

virtual bool ha_tina::fast_key_read ( )

◆ find_current_row()

int ha_tina::find_current_row ( uchar buf)

◆ get_status()

void ha_tina::get_status ( )

◆ get_write_pos()

bool ha_tina::get_write_pos ( my_off_t end_pos,
tina_set closest_hole 

◆ index_flags()

ulong ha_tina::index_flags ( uint  ,
uint  ,
) const

Implements handler.

◆ info()

int ha_tina::info ( uint  flag)

General method to gather info from handler.

info() is used to return information to the optimizer. SHOW also makes use of this data Another note, if your handler doesn't proved exact record count, you will probably want to have the following in your code: if (records < 2) records = 2; The reason is that the server will optimize for cases of only a single record. If in a table scan you don't know the number of records it will probably be better to set records to two so you can return as many records as you need.

Along with records a few more variables you may wish to set are: records deleted data_file_length index_file_length delete_length check_time Take a look at the public variables in handler.h for more information. See also my_base.h for a full description.

flagSpecifies what info is requested

Implements handler.

◆ init_data_file()

int ha_tina::init_data_file ( )

Initialize the data file.

Compare the local version of the data file with the shared one. If they differ, there are some changes behind and we have to reopen the data file to make the changes visible. Call file_buff->init_buff() at the end to read the beginning of the data file into buffer.

Return values
1There was an error.

◆ init_tina_writer()

int ha_tina::init_tina_writer ( )

◆ is_crashed()

bool ha_tina::is_crashed ( ) const

Check if the table is crashed.

Return values
falseNot crashed

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ max_key_length()

uint ha_tina::max_key_length ( ) const

◆ max_key_parts()

uint ha_tina::max_key_parts ( ) const

◆ max_keys()

uint ha_tina::max_keys ( ) const

◆ max_record_length()

uint ha_tina::max_record_length ( ) const

◆ open()

int ha_tina::open ( const char *  name,
int  mode,
uint  open_options,
const dd::Table table_def 

Implements handler.

◆ open_update_temp_file_if_needed()

int ha_tina::open_update_temp_file_if_needed ( )

◆ position()

void ha_tina::position ( const uchar record)

Implements handler.

◆ repair()

int ha_tina::repair ( THD ,

In this method check_opt can be modified to specify CHECK option to use to call check() upon the table.

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ rnd_end()

int ha_tina::rnd_end ( void  )

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ rnd_init()

int ha_tina::rnd_init ( bool  scan = true)

rnd_init() can be called two times without rnd_end() in between (it only makes sense if scan=1).

then the second call should prepare for the new table scan (e.g if rnd_init allocates the cursor, second call should position it to the start of the table, no need to deallocate and allocate it again

Implements handler.

◆ rnd_next()

int ha_tina::rnd_next ( uchar buf)
See also

Implements handler.

◆ rnd_pos()

int ha_tina::rnd_pos ( uchar buf,
uchar pos 
See also

Implements handler.

◆ scan_time()

double ha_tina::scan_time ( )
This function is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Use table_scan_cost() instead.

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ store_lock()

THR_LOCK_DATA ** ha_tina::store_lock ( THD thd,
enum thr_lock_type  lock_type 

Is not invoked for non-transactional temporary tables.

store_lock() can return more than one lock if the table is MERGE or partitioned.
that one can NOT rely on table->in_use in store_lock(). It may refer to a different thread if called from mysql_lock_abort_for_thread().
If the table is MERGE, store_lock() can return less locks than lock_count() claimed. This can happen when the MERGE children are not attached when this is called from another thread.

The idea with handler::store_lock() is the following:

The statement decided which locks we should need for the table for updates/deletes/inserts we get WRITE locks, for SELECT... we get read locks.

Before adding the lock into the table lock handler (see thr_lock.c) mysqld calls store lock with the requested locks. Store lock can now modify a write lock to a read lock (or some other lock), ignore the lock (if we don't want to use MySQL table locks at all) or add locks for many tables (like we do when we are using a MERGE handler).

In some exceptional cases MySQL may send a request for a TL_IGNORE; This means that we are requesting the same lock as last time and this should also be ignored.

Called from by get_lock_data().

Implements handler.

◆ table_flags()

ulonglong ha_tina::table_flags ( void  ) const

Implements handler.

◆ table_type()

const char * ha_tina::table_type ( ) const

The following can be called without an open handler.

Implements handler.

◆ update_row()

int ha_tina::update_row ( const uchar old_data,
uchar new_data 

Update a single row.

Note: If HA_ERR_FOUND_DUPP_KEY is returned, the handler must read all columns of the row so MySQL can create an error message. If the columns required for the error message are not read, the error message will contain garbage.

Reimplemented from handler.

◆ update_status()

void ha_tina::update_status ( )

◆ write_row()

int ha_tina::write_row ( uchar buf)

Write a row.

write_row() inserts a row. buf is a byte array of data, normally record[0].

You can use the field information to extract the data from the native byte array type.

Example of this would be: for (Field **field=table->field ; *field ; field++) { ... }

bufBuffer to write from.
Operation status.
Return values
!=0 Error code.

Reimplemented from handler.

Member Data Documentation

◆ blobroot

MEM_ROOT ha_tina::blobroot

◆ buffer

String ha_tina::buffer

◆ byte_buffer

uchar ha_tina::byte_buffer[IO_SIZE]

◆ chain

tina_set* ha_tina::chain

◆ chain_alloced

uchar ha_tina::chain_alloced

◆ chain_buffer

tina_set ha_tina::chain_buffer[DEFAULT_CHAIN_LENGTH]

◆ chain_ptr

tina_set* ha_tina::chain_ptr

◆ chain_size

uint32 ha_tina::chain_size

◆ current_position

my_off_t ha_tina::current_position

◆ data_file

File ha_tina::data_file

◆ file_buff

Transparent_file* ha_tina::file_buff

◆ local_data_file_version

uint ha_tina::local_data_file_version

◆ local_saved_data_file_length

my_off_t ha_tina::local_saved_data_file_length

◆ lock

THR_LOCK_DATA ha_tina::lock

◆ next_position

my_off_t ha_tina::next_position

◆ records_is_known

bool ha_tina::records_is_known

◆ share

TINA_SHARE* ha_tina::share

◆ temp_file_length

my_off_t ha_tina::temp_file_length

◆ update_temp_file

File ha_tina::update_temp_file

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