MySQL 8.4.0
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ha_statistics Class Reference

#include <handler.h>

Public Member Functions

 ha_statistics ()

Public Attributes

ulonglong data_file_length
ulonglong max_data_file_length
ulonglong index_file_length
ulonglong max_index_file_length
ulonglong delete_length
ulonglong auto_increment_value
ha_rows records
ha_rows deleted
ulong mean_rec_length
time_t create_time
ulong check_time
ulong update_time
uint block_size
uint mrr_length_per_rec
double table_in_mem_estimate
 Estimate for how much of the table that is available in a memory buffer. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ha_statistics()

ha_statistics::ha_statistics ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ auto_increment_value

ulonglong ha_statistics::auto_increment_value

◆ block_size

uint ha_statistics::block_size

◆ check_time

ulong ha_statistics::check_time

◆ create_time

time_t ha_statistics::create_time

◆ data_file_length

ulonglong ha_statistics::data_file_length

◆ delete_length

ulonglong ha_statistics::delete_length

◆ deleted

ha_rows ha_statistics::deleted

◆ index_file_length

ulonglong ha_statistics::index_file_length

◆ max_data_file_length

ulonglong ha_statistics::max_data_file_length

◆ max_index_file_length

ulonglong ha_statistics::max_index_file_length

◆ mean_rec_length

ulong ha_statistics::mean_rec_length

◆ mrr_length_per_rec

uint ha_statistics::mrr_length_per_rec

◆ records

ha_rows ha_statistics::records

◆ table_in_mem_estimate

double ha_statistics::table_in_mem_estimate

Estimate for how much of the table that is available in a memory buffer.

Valid range is [0..1]. If it has the special value IN_MEMORY_ESTIMATE_UNKNOWN (defined in structs.h), it means that the storage engine has not supplied any value for it.

◆ update_time

ulong ha_statistics::update_time

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