MySQL 8.4.0
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THR_LOCK_DATA Struct Reference

#include <thr_lock.h>

Public Attributes

THR_LOCK_INFOowner {nullptr}
THR_LOCK_DATAnext {nullptr}
THR_LOCK_DATA ** prev {nullptr}
THR_LOCKlock {nullptr}
mysql_cond_tcond {nullptr}
thr_lock_type type {TL_IGNORE}
void * status_param {nullptr}
void * debug_print_param {nullptr}
struct PSI_tablem_psi {nullptr}

Member Data Documentation

◆ cond

mysql_cond_t* THR_LOCK_DATA::cond {nullptr}

◆ debug_print_param

void* THR_LOCK_DATA::debug_print_param {nullptr}

◆ lock

THR_LOCK* THR_LOCK_DATA::lock {nullptr}

◆ m_psi

struct PSI_table* THR_LOCK_DATA::m_psi {nullptr}

◆ next

THR_LOCK_DATA* THR_LOCK_DATA::next {nullptr}

◆ owner

THR_LOCK_INFO* THR_LOCK_DATA::owner {nullptr}

◆ prev

THR_LOCK_DATA ** THR_LOCK_DATA::prev {nullptr}

◆ status_param

void* THR_LOCK_DATA::status_param {nullptr}

◆ type

thr_lock_type THR_LOCK_DATA::type {TL_IGNORE}

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