MySQL 9.0.0
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TINA_SHARE Struct Reference

#include <ha_tina.h>

Public Attributes

char * table_name
char data_file_name [FN_REFLEN]
uint table_name_length
uint use_count
bool is_log_table
my_off_t saved_data_file_length
mysql_mutex_t mutex
bool update_file_opened
bool tina_write_opened
File meta_file
File tina_write_filedes
bool crashed
ha_rows rows_recorded
uint data_file_version

Member Data Documentation

◆ crashed

bool TINA_SHARE::crashed

◆ data_file_name

char TINA_SHARE::data_file_name[FN_REFLEN]

◆ data_file_version

uint TINA_SHARE::data_file_version

◆ is_log_table

bool TINA_SHARE::is_log_table

◆ lock


◆ meta_file

File TINA_SHARE::meta_file

◆ mutex

mysql_mutex_t TINA_SHARE::mutex

◆ rows_recorded

ha_rows TINA_SHARE::rows_recorded

◆ saved_data_file_length

my_off_t TINA_SHARE::saved_data_file_length

◆ table_name

char* TINA_SHARE::table_name

◆ table_name_length

uint TINA_SHARE::table_name_length

◆ tina_write_filedes

File TINA_SHARE::tina_write_filedes

◆ tina_write_opened

bool TINA_SHARE::tina_write_opened

◆ update_file_opened

bool TINA_SHARE::update_file_opened

◆ use_count

uint TINA_SHARE::use_count

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