MySQL 8.4.0
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RANGE_SEQ_IF Struct Reference

#include <handler.h>

Public Attributes

range_seq_t(* init )(void *init_params, uint n_ranges, uint flags)
uint(* next )(range_seq_t seq, KEY_MULTI_RANGE *range)
bool(* skip_record )(range_seq_t seq, char *range_info, uchar *rowid)

Member Data Documentation

◆ init

range_seq_t(* RANGE_SEQ_IF::init) (void *init_params, uint n_ranges, uint flags)

◆ next

uint(* RANGE_SEQ_IF::next) (range_seq_t seq, KEY_MULTI_RANGE *range)

◆ skip_record

bool(* RANGE_SEQ_IF::skip_record) (range_seq_t seq, char *range_info, uchar *rowid)

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