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11.2 _mysql_connector.MySQL() Class


ccnx = _mysql_connector.MySQL(args)

The MySQL class is used to open and manage a connection to a MySQL server (referred to elsewhere in this reference as the MySQL instance). It is also used to send commands and SQL statements and read results.

The MySQL class wraps most functions found in the MySQL C Client API and adds some additional convenient functionality.

import _mysql_connector

ccnx = _mysql_connector.MySQL()
ccnx.connect(user='scott', password='password',
             host='', database='employees')

Permitted arguments for the MySQL class are auth_plugin, buffered, charset_name, connection_timeout, raw, use_unicode. Those arguments correspond to the arguments of the same names for MySQLConnection.connect() as described at Section 7.1, “Connector/Python Connection Arguments”, except that charset_name corresponds to charset.

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