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MySQL Connector/C++ Developer Guide  /  Installing Connector/C++ from Source  /  Connector/C++ Source-Configuration Options

4.7 Connector/C++ Source-Configuration Options

Connector/C++ recognizes the CMake options described in this section.

Table 4.1 Connector/C++ Source-Configuration Option Reference

BOOST_ROOTThe Boost source directory  
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPEType of build to produceRelWithDebInfo 
CMAKE_ENABLE_C++11Whether to enable C++11 supportOFF1.1.6
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIXInstallation base directory/usr/local 
MYSQLCLIENT_NO_THREADSWhether to link against single-threaded MySQL client libraryOFF 
MYSQLCLIENT_STATIC_LINKINGWhether to statically link to the MySQL client libraryOFF 
MYSQLCPPCONN_GCOV_ENABLEWhether to enable gcov supportOFF 
MYSQLCPPCON_TRACE_ENABLEWhether to enable tracing functionalityOFF 
MYSQL_CFLAGSC compiler flags  
MYSQL_CONFIG_EXECUTABLEPath to the mysql_config program${MYSQL_DIR}/bin/mysql_config 
MYSQL_CXXFLAGSC++ compiler flags  
MYSQL_CXX_LINKAGEWhether MySQL client library needs C++ linkingON 
MYSQL_DIRMySQL Server or Connector/C installation directory  
MYSQL_EXTRA_LIBRARIESExtra link libraries  
MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIRThe MySQL header file directory${MYSQL_DIR}/include 
MYSQL_LIB_DIRThe MySQL client library directory${MYSQL_DIR}/lib 
MYSQL_LINK_FLAGSExtra link flags  
USE_SERVER_CXXFLAGSUse MySQL Server CXXFLAGS value rather than system defaultOFF1.1.7

  • -DBOOST_ROOT=dir_name

    The directory where the Boost sources are installed.


    The type of build to produce:

    • RelWithDebInfo: Enable optimizations and generate debugging information. This is the default Connector/C++ build type.

    • Debug: Disable optimizations and generate debugging information.

  • -DCMAKE_ENABLE_C++11=bool

    Whether to enable C++11 support. The default is OFF.

    This option was added in Connector/C++ 1.1.6.


    The installation base directory.


    Whether to link against a single-threaded libmysqlclient MySQL client library. In MySQL 5.5 and higher, the value of this option makes no difference because libmysqlclient is always multi-threaded.


    Whether to statically link to the MySQL client library. The default is OFF (use dynamic linking to the client library). For more information, see Section 4.6, “Dynamically Linking Connector/C++ Against the MySQL Client Library”.


    Whether to enable gcov support.


    Whether to enable tracing functionality. For information about tracing, see Chapter 9, Connector/C++ Debug Tracing.

  • -DMYSQL_CFLAGS=flags

    C compiler flags.


    The path to the mysql_config program.

    On non-Windows systems, CMake checks to see whether the MYSQL_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE CMake option is set. If not, CMake tries to locate mysql_config in the default locations.


    C++ compiler flags.


    Whether the MySQL client library needs C++ linking.

  • -DMYSQL_DIR=dir_name

    The directory where MySQL Server or Connector/C is installed.


    Any needed additional link libraries.

  • -DMYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR=dir_name

    The directory where the MySQL header files are installed.

  • -DMYSQL_LIB_DIR=dir_name

    The directory where the MySQL client library is installed.


    Any needed additional link flags.


    Use MySQL Server CXXFLAGS values rather than the system default value.

    This option was added in Connector/C++ 1.1.7.

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