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MySQL Connector/C++ Developer Guide  /  How to Get Connector/C++

Chapter 2 How to Get Connector/C++

Connector/C++ distributions are available in binary and source formats. To obtain a distribution, visit the Connector/C++ downloads page.

MySQL Connector/C++ Binary Distributions

Binary distributions are available for these platforms:

Microsoft Windows:

  • MSI installer package

  • Without installer (a Zip file)

Unix and Unix-like platforms:

  • Compressed GNU TAR archive (tar.gz)

MySQL Connector/C++ Source Distributions

Source packages use compressed GNU TAR file (tar.gz) format and can be used on any supported platform.

MySQL Connector/C++ Source Repository

The Connector/C++ code repository uses Git. To check out the latest source code, visit GitHub: To clone the Git repository to your machine, use this command

git clone

You should now have a copy of the entire Connector/C++ source tree in the directory mysql-connector-cpp. To build and then install the driver libraries from this source tree on Unix or Linux, use the same steps outlined in Chapter 4, Installing Connector/C++ from Source.

After the initial checkout operation to get the source tree, run git pull periodically to update your source to the latest version.

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