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MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1 Developer Guide
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MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1 Developer Guide  /  Installing Connector/C++ from Source  /  Source Installation System Prerequisites

4.1 Source Installation System Prerequisites

To install Connector/C++ from source, the following system requirements must be satisfied:

Build Tools

You must have the cross-platform build tool CMake (2.8.12 or higher is recommended; older versions may work).

You must have a C++ compiler that supports C++11.

MySQL Client Library

Building Connector/C++ from source requires the client library from MySQL 5.7 (5.7.9 or higher) or MySQL 8.0 (8.0.11 or higher).

Typically, the MySQL client library is installed when MySQL is installed. However, check your operating system documentation for other installation options.

To specify where to find the client library, set the MYSQL_DIR CMake option appropriately at configuration time as necessary (see Section 4.6, “Connector/C++ Source-Configuration Options”).

Boost C++ Libraries

To compile Connector/C++, the Boost C++ libraries are always needed. Boost 1.59.0 or newer must be installed. To obtain Boost and its installation instructions, visit the official Boost site.

After Boost is installed, use the BOOST_ROOT CMake option to indicate where the Boost files are located (see Section 4.6, “Connector/C++ Source-Configuration Options”):

cmake [other_options] -DBOOST_ROOT=/usr/local/boost_1_59_0

Adjust the path as necessary to match your installation.