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MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1 Developer Guide  /  Building Connector/C++ Applications  /  Building Connector/C++ Applications: General Considerations

5.1 Building Connector/C++ Applications: General Considerations

Keep these general considerations in mind for building Connector/C++ applications:

Build Tools and Configuration Settings

It is important that the tools you use to build your Connector/C++ applications are compatible with the tools used to build Connector/C++ itself. Ideally, build your applications with the same tools that were used to build the Connector/C++ binaries.

To avoid issues, ensure that these factors are the same for your applications and Connector/C++ itself:

  • Compiler version.

  • Runtime library.

  • Runtime linker configuration settings.

To avoid potential crashes, the build configuration of Connector/C++ should match the build configuration of the application using it. For example, do not use a release build of Connector/C++ with a debug build of the client application.

To use a different compiler version, release configuration, or runtime library, first build Connector/C++ from source using your desired settings (see Chapter 4, Installing Connector/C++ from Source), then build your applications using those same settings.

Connector/C++ binary distribution packages include a BUILDINFO.txt file that describes the environment and configuration options used to build the distribution. If you installed Connector/C++ from a binary distribution and experience build-related issues on a platform, it may help to check the settings that were used to build the distribution on that platform.

Boost Header Files

To compile applications that use Connector/C++, the Boost header files are always needed. Boost 1.59.0 or newer must be installed, and the location of the headers must be added to the include path. To obtain Boost and its installation instructions, visit the official Boost site.

Runtime Libraries

If an application is built using dynamic link libraries, those libraries must be present not just on the build host, but on target hosts where the application runs. The libraries and their runtime dependencies must be found by the dynamic linker. The dynamic linker must be properly configured to find Connector/C++ libraries and their dependencies.

On Windows, target hosts running the client application must have the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio installed. The required version is VC++ Redistributable 2015.