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The MySQL Server team is looking for a Windows performance architect

MySQL is very popular and growing on the Windows platform. As a consequence we want to further staff our Windows efforts with a full time Windows performance architect. The Windows performance architect will be an integral part of the MySQL Server development team and also work closely with our Windows Experience team. Work will be centered around profiling and tuning large multi-threaded service applications on the Windows platform, debug and remove limitations and develop new code.

Key qualifications are:

  • 5+ years C/C++ software development experience on Windows platform
  • Ability to understand large pieces of code fast
  • Strong understanding of long running programs (for example Operating System Kernels, Filesystems, high end networking equipment)
  • Strong understanding of multi-threaded service applications
  • Proven skills in designing and coding complex environments
  • SQL database experience
  • Strong experience with Windows development environments
  • Understanding of Windows internals
  • Experience working with revision control tools
  • BS Computer Science or equivalent
  • Fluent written and spoken English

We are looking world wide and work-from-home is an option. The complete job description and how to apply is found hereĀ  IRC2445566 (Europe, or email to, here IRC2461876 (US), and here IRC2462042 (All Japan and Asia-Pacific Countries).