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Presenting MySQL 5.7 Performance & Benchmarks at Percona Live

I’ll speak about MySQL 5.7 Performance & Benchmarks during the incoming Percona Live and will be happy to share with you all our latest finding, improvements, benchmark results, open issues and many other stuff keeping our brains in constant activity ;-)) As you know, there is no a “silver bullet” solution for MySQL Performance tuning.. – only by a good understanding of what is going inside of MySQL and InnoDB you may configure your MySQL server in the most optimal way for your workloads. And this topic is endless, and progressing every month with new solutions and features – all parties are working hard here, and I’m very curious to hear from users during this Conference what are their biggest performance issues for today, and of course looking forward to discuss proposed changes from Percona, Facebook, Twitter and other Teams.. Some of our new solutions you’ll be already able to test with a new coming MySQL 5.7 DMR4. Some other will come later.. But during my talk I’ll try to cover as much as possible about what will come and what kind of performance we’re obtaining today with MySQL 5.7 – a future the best ever MySQL 😉