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Paramiko 2.x Update Tutorial

MySQL Workbench has tunneling capabilities, and these
depend on third-party libraries.

One required library is Paramiko, which is a python module used to 
create an SSH connection to the destination server. MySQL Workbench uses
Paramiko 1.8.x, and 1.8.x depends on the pycrypto library. But
because recent Python distributions replaced pycrypto with a
different cryptography module, this causes problems for software
(like Workbench) that depends on the older (1.8.x) Paramiko library, 
problems such as MySQL BUG#87381 (

For details on upgrading the Paramiko library, see our previous blog post
Paramiko Update Tutorial
. The procedure to upgrade to
Paramiko 2.x is the same as described in the tutorial, except 2.x 
requires these additional dependencies: cryptography, bcrypt, and nacl.
These should also be placed next to the paramiko folder as described 
in that tutorial.

We hope this helps!