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Paramiko Update Tutorial

There are situations when you need to update the python-paramiko library that is bundled with MySQL Workbench. This may be because you prefer using the latest cutting edge versions, are just curious, or you can’t wait for a new Workbench version.

To update, first download the latest python-paramiko release from After downloading and extracting the archive, you’ll see a paramiko folder inside of the extracted folder. This folder needs to be copied into the appropriate MySQL Workbench folder on the system.

* For Windows, this location is usually

* For OS X, this will be

* For Linux, you should use your repository manager (yum, apt-get, etc.), but if it doesn’t have the latest paramiko version then you
should first uninstall your old version, download the latest paramiko, cd into the paramiko directory, and then execute “sudo python
install” to install system wide paramiko.

Note: since Paramiko 1.12, to use it, you also need the ecdsa package which can be downloaded from here:
The same method applies; download and extract the contents of the archive, and you’ll see a ecdsa folder that should be placed next to the paramiko folder.

Please keep in mind that switching paramiko this way can break MySQL Workbench, so always make a backup first.