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Next Workbench Beta Release Coming Soon

We are working hard on the next Workbench Beta release that should be out mid next week. It will include a list of top priority bug fixes as usual but also two new additions that have been requested by our beta testers.

The new Online Update menu item allows to update your current installation to the latest available release right from within the tool. No need manually browse web pages anymore – at least if you are using the MSI based packages. The reason we are not offering this for the zip packages is that an automatic update is tricky since you might have made a custom install based on your needs. If you are using the zip packages you can keep using the normal Version Check menu item that will inform you about the version you have installed and if a new release is available.

The second addition is a better reporting after schema diffs. We added the templating engine (thanks Google for ctemplate!) we also use for the normal schema reporting feature and are now able to list the actual schema differences in plain text. The tree view is still available but for everybody who would rather read through the differences than browse the tree this feature will come in handy.