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Next MySQL Workbench 5.0.20 Release Almost Ready To Ship

As promised we are continuing our strong efforts after reaching GA and our announcement at the MySQL Users Conference (find a nice press article here).

Alfredo managed to fix a serious bug that almost seemed to be of random nature and happened on certain OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp events on the canvas.

Another thing that got improved is the drawing order of connections between table figures on the canvas. Previously the connections would be drawn on top of tables, resulting in a messy image. Now connections are always drawn behind tables. To make that work we had to remove the nesting of layers – a feature that does not really make sense for a database tool anyway.

The team will meet in the week of May 12th in Kiev where we are going to define the detailed plans for Workbench 5.1 and 5.5. Until then we will work on WB 5.0, fixing bugs and improving the scripting interface to make it more convenient to write plugins.

Please keep reporting bugs and blog about your experiences. This is the best way to support the project. (Or pony up the $99 for Standard Edition if you don’t have time for that and still want to help 🙂 )