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New MySQL Workbench Release Coming Up

We are about to release the next Beta version of MySQL Workbench. There are no new additions like in the last release. This will strictly be a bug-fix build. Apart from several smaller fixes this build will see an improved software rendering performance. Alfredo has blogged about the changes in his last post. And the changes are really paying off. Tax tested it on several machines and found the speed to be acceptable even on older machines.

The slow and flickering software rendering has been one of the major points of complain (except from the yet missing Linux and OS X versions that will be released later this year). Now that this is out of the way we are marching towards the RC level, fast.

If there are no new obstacles the release build will happen later today. Markus from the web team will get online on Saturday or early Sunday to update the download pages. Then we will send out the announce emails asap.