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.NET Core on Connector/NET updates.

Hello MySQL Connector/NET community,

Consistent with our ongoing effort to power MySQL products with the top technologies, we are pleased to announce the latest updates regarding MySQL Connector/NET and .NET Core.

And while we move forward, we also want to shape the product to maximize supportability. To achieve these two goals, we will deprecate the support for .NET Core 1.X to align with Microsoft’s end-of-life schedule (EOL May 14, 2019). But it’s not all about bad news, we also want to talk to you about the inclusion of .NET Core 2.2 support in the Connector/NET8.0.17 release. As you might know, .NET Core 2.2 is the latest GA release of .NET Core to provide a cross-platform framework that lets you build applications for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Our product, MySQL Connector/NET, is built against .NET Standard 2.0 that allows you to use it as a library in any of the .NET implementations compatible with that version of .NET Standard. For more details related to frameworks compatibility, you can go to the official .NET Standard versions web page. Given this, you can build a .NET Core 2.2 application using MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.17 and take advantage of all the new features and improvements this framework has to offer you.

To use Connector/NET in your .NET Core 2.2 project, simply make a reference to the library. There are two ways of achieving this:

  • First, by using NuGet to download a compatible version automatically.
  • Secondly, by downloading the MySQL Connector/NET source code and building it to ensure the corresponding DLLs are created. Then you can make use of the .NET Standard 2.0 version in your project.

Remember to include the element TargetFramework in your project file and to set the version of .NET Core desired, as shown in the example below:


If you are new to this framework, Microsoft offers a very useful guide to get you started with .NET Core (see Microsoft .NET Core guide).

We hope you find this information useful so you could start using MySQL Connector/NET with the most recent technologies. Your feedback is always welcome and all your comments inspire us to keep improving so that we offer you a product with top quality.

Finally, here are some links that could be useful for you:

We hope to hear from you!