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MySQL Workbench: Vertical Query Output

MySQL Workbench have one nice feature which is probably a stranger for some of us. The name of this feature is vertical query output, it help in situations where the standard Workbench output will not be very useful. This functionality is very easy to use and in this post I’ll try to visualize some of it’s benefits.

First we need to know how to use it, so we’ve provided you two options to execute the query with vertical output. One of them is the menu bar where you can find item named Execute vertically, you’ll also find hint about the shortcut for that option it’s CTRL+ALT+RETURN.

After you know how to get the vertical query output, I’ll show you some screen shots to compare it with command line output.

Let’s take the command that suits best to this type of output, it’s SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS. Normally to understand the output, you probably copy it to some notepad app, and add line breaks. Well it was a little annoying, especially when you know how does it look in command line client with \G. So let’s take a look for the output of console  and Workbench.

Vertical output console preview Vertical Output Workbench preview

You should find out that it’s the same view as in the console. Below you’ll see how it looks in Standard Output


and with Text Output.


Here is also one more screen shot of the EXPLAIN query:


Please fell free to comment this, and let us know how do you like it.