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MySQL Group Replication for MySQL 5.7.9

Hi all, keeping our steady release cycle, it is time again to do another preview release of MySQL Group Replication, the plugin that brings multi-master update everywhere to MySQL, like we described in Hello World post.

We are very proud to do the fifth preview release of MySQL Group Replication, version 0.6.0 based on MySQL Server 5.7.9, which introduces new exciting features, please enjoy the highlights!

Introduced changes

New communication engine

MySQL Group Replication now includes an MySQL implementation of a variation of the Paxos algorithm (which we codenamed XCom). This engine provides a new framework to achieve distributed agreement and removes the requirement of having corosync installed.

This new engine renders the following advantages:

  1. Runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows;
  2. No third-party software required, MySQL Group Replication now bundles all the required software components;
  3. No network multicast support required, MySQL Group Replication can now operate on cloud based installations on which multicast is not allowed;
  4. No message size limit, MySQL Group Replication can now handle any message size;
  5. No separate process, MySQL Group Replication is now a self-contained plugin to the MySQL server.
Multi-platform support

MySQL Group Replication is no more constrained to Linux machines, now we do support and release binaries for:

  1. Oracle Linux versions 6;
  2. Oracle Linux versions 7;
  3. FreeBSD 10;
  4. Mac OS X 10.10;
  5. Solaris 11;
  6. Ubuntu 15.04.

We are working on getting more platforms supported and also working on improving performance of the new communication engine.

Bug Fixes

There are a lot of bugs that have been fixed in this fifth preview release of MySQL Group Replication, moving quickly towards a more stable, reliable and full-fledged plugin.


Go to and try the new preview release of MySQL Group Replication following the instructions at Getting started with MySQL Group Replication and send us your feedback.

As with all labs releases, we are not recommending that this software be used in production as there are likely still a number of bugs which need to be fixed. If you do encounter any issues, please file a bug under the ‘MySQL Server: Group Replication’ category so that we may investigate further.