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MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.14 has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.14 is a new version in the MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0 series,
the ODBC driver for the MySQL Server.

The available downloads include both a Unicode driver and an ANSI driver based on the
same modern codebase. Please select the driver type you need based on the type of your
application – Unicode or ANSI. Server-side prepared statements are enabled by default.
It is suitable for use with any MySQL server version from 5.5.

This release of the MySQL ODBC driver is conforming to the ODBC 3.8 specification.
It contains implementations of key 3.8 features, including self-identification
as a ODBC 3.8 driver, streaming of output parameters (supported for binary types
only), and support of the SQL_ATTR_RESET_CONNECTION connection attribute (for the
Unicode driver only).

The release is now available in source and binary form for a number of platforms
from our download pages at

For information on installing, please see the documentation at

Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.14 (2019-01-21, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

* A new ENABLE_LOCAL_INFILE connection option was added to
the connection string, DSN, and GUI. Disabled by default,
set ENABLE_LOCAL_INFILE=1 to enable LOAD DATA operations.
This toggles the MYSQL_OPT_LOCAL_INFILE mysql_options()
The connection string overrides the DSN value if both are

* MySQL Connector/ODBC is now compatible with MSVC 2017,
while retaining compatibility with MSVC 2015:

+ Previously, Connector/ODBC binary distributions were
compatible with projects built using MSVC 2015.
Binary distributions now are compatible with
projects built using MSVC 2017 or 2015.

+ Previously, Connector/ODBC source distributions
could be built using MSVC 2015. Source distributions
now can be built using MSVC 2017 or 2015.

+ Previously, the MSI installer accepted the Visual
C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. The MSI
installer now accepts the Visual C++ Redistributable
for Visual Studio 2017 or 2015.

* Two informative text files were added: INFO_BIN contains
information about the build environment used to produce
the distribution, and INFO_SRC provides information about
the product version and the source repository from which
the distribution was produced. Source distributions
include the INFO_SRC file only.

On Behalf of Oracle/MySQL Release Engineering Team,
Hery Ramilison