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MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.7 released!
MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.7 is now available for download from My Oracle Support.

MCM 1.4.7 continues to improve MySQL Cluster Manager by adding some sought after features – and some important bugfixes.

The 1.4.7 release bundles MySQL Cluster 7.6.8.

List hosts extension
The list hosts command now returns two more possible statuses for the agent of a host, in addition to Available and Unavailable.

  • Recovery: The agent is in the process of recovering itself
  • Unresponsive: The agent did not respond to a connection attempt in a timely manner

Recovery, and mcmd –initial
The agent recovery functionality has been improved to significantly increase both stability and robustness.

We’ve also added an –initial option to mcmd which will cause mcmd to automatically create a backup of any cluster configuration metadata, wipe itself clean, and start a recovery from its peers. This simplifies manually initiating an agent recovery should you require.

Support for command-line-only attributes
Some attributes can only be specified on the command line of a cluster process. The set, get, and reset commands now support the following command-line-only attributes:

  • ndb_mgmd: –core-file, –log-name, –verbose
  • ndbd and ndbmtd: –core-file, –verbose

Cluster import
The import cluster command has a new option, –remove-angel, which automates removing the angel process for any ndbmtd/ndbd processes in the cluster. We’ve also extended the set of accepted command line options for imported processes, now accepting options such as –core-file.

Most notable bugfixes are a reduction in memory consumption when the cluster logfiles are very large, and properly handling a case where the event subscription to ndb_mgmd only returned a half event.

More details
The full list of changes is available in the MCM 1.4.7 Release Notes.

Updated documentation is available here.