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MySQL 8.0.22 Replication Enhancements

MySQL 8.0.22 was released roughly a week ago. It includes some nice additions to replication that we would like to call out. Here they are:

  • Automatic Asynchronous Replication Connection Failover (WL#12649). This work, by Hemant Dangi, implements a mechanism in asynchronous replication that makes the replica automatically try to re-establish an asynchronous replication connection to another replication source, in case the current connection gets interrupted;
  • New terminology for replica related statements (WL#14171). This work, by Luis Soares, introduces new terminology for replica’s statements. For the exact list of statements that have been introduced please refer to the worklog itself or the changelog for MySQL 8.0.22. Statements with the new terms should be be used from now on and statements with old terms now emit deprecation warnings;
  • Group replication uses a new term it its allow list option and system variable (WL#14175). This work, by Jaideep Karande, introduces an alias to group_replication_ip_whitelist variable. The alias uses uses a new term, allowlist instead of whitelist. This new variable should be used instead of the old one from now on. The old variable, when used, emits a deprecation warning. The old term was replaced by the new term in the error message that referred to it as well – ‘ER_GRP_RPL_GRP_COMMUNICATION_INIT_WITH_CONF‘.

A shorter list this time! However, it contains very nice improvements. Give 8.0.22 a try and provide feedback through the usual mechanisms (comment on this blog post or submit a bug/feature request). Enjoy!