WL#14175: Rename and deprecate group_replication_ip_whitelist

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete

It has been decided to deprecate artefacts using the terminology
"whitelist/blacklist" in favour of "allowlist/blocklist".

GR has one variable called "group_replication_ip_whitelist"

This WL will deprecate "group_replication_ip_whitelist" in favour
of a variable called "group_replication_ip_allowlist".

The variable name will also be changed in the error message
names in the source code.

User stories:
As a MySQL User/DBA/Operator I want to replace whitelist/blacklist
with allowlist/blocklist, so I user a more modern terminology in
the product.
FR1: group_replication_ip_whitelist variables must be deprecated and
instead new variable group_replication_ip_allowlist must be used with
same purpose.
Group replication shall emit a warning with the code MY-001287
(ER_WARN_DEPRECATED_SYNTAX) when the user tries to set
the value of group_replication_ip_whitelist variables.
The warning must also specify alternative option.

FR2: On START GROUP_REPLICATION, executed on a client session,
the warning will be thrown to the client session with the code

FR3: When Group Replication starts automatically with the server,
the warning will be logged into the error log with the code MY-011068
User Visible Changes
Deprecation warning will be emmited when the user sets the values of
group_replication_ip_whitelist option.
For example:
Warning            'group_replication_ip_whitelist' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use group_replication_ip_allowlist instead

group_replication_ip_allowlist behavior
1. group_replication_ip_allowlist = AUTOMATIC and group_replication_ip_whitelist 
Value: AUTOMATIC will be used
2. group_replication_ip_allowlist = CHANGED and group_replication_ip_whitelist = 
Value: CHANGED value of `group_replication_ip_allowlist` will be used
3. group_replication_ip_allowlist = AUTOMATIC and group_replication_ip_whitelist 
Value: CHANGED value of `group_replication_ip_whitelist` will be used
4. group_replication_ip_allowlist = CHANGED and group_replication_ip_whitelist = 
Value: CHANGED value of `group_replication_ip_allowlist` will be used

NOTE: AUTOMATIC is default value for both "group_replication_ip_allowlist"
and "group_replication_ip_whitelist" variables.

After using MySQL 8.0.*, the user will get the deprecation warning
as described in the previous section for group_replication_ip_whitelist

There are no security considerations.

There are no observability considerations.
There is no new functionality added only a new warning is emited.
ER_WARN_DEPRECATED_SYNTAX warning will be seen
if group_replication_ip_whitelist variable is changed from client.
ER_DEPRECATED_SYNTAX_WITH_REPLACEMENT warning will be logged in error
log if group_replication_ip_whitelist variable is changed via command
line options or configuration file.

Post upgrade customer will see deprecated warnings for
group_replication_ip_whitelist variable.

Cross-version Replication
Cross-version replication will not be impacted.

No changes.

User Interface
No changes.

Warning will be seen for group_replication_ip_whitelist

Deployment and Installation
No changes.
Existing function push_deprecated_warn or push_warning_printf
will be used to throw the warning.
LogPluginErr may be used if required based on need.