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MSI Installers ready

I completed the Windows MSI installers yesterday. We are now using the WiX3 toolkit to create the Windows Installers from XML files. The built in preprocessor has been improved in WiX3 so we can now directly work with the XML files without preprocessing them with our own tool.

What is yet missing is the registration of the .wbm (Workbench Model) files to be opened with the Workbench application.

We discovered a problem with our native OpenGL support detection and therefore I added a 2nd shortcut in the Start Menu called MySQL Workbench 5.0 OSS (Software rendering) that will force software rendering with the -mesa command line switch. If you get a crash when you create a new Diagram, please us the 2nd shortcut to start Workbench. Software rendering is slow, but currently the only workaround on old machines or VMware images (Parallels supports OpenGL).