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Connector/Net joins MySQL products on Github

We are very pleased to announce that the MySQL Connector/Net source code has been added to GitHub. All of our versions can be found at MySQL Connector/Net repository, under the umbrella of the MySQL organization. This repository will expose the source code of the latest generally available (GA) releases. Same versions that are available in the official MySQL download site.

There are no changes to the releases cycles or the channels that we use for publishing new versions of Connector/Net. The purpose of publishing on GitHub is providing our users a quicker way to get the source code of all our GA versions. The repository contains all history since 6.7 alpha version.

You can clone the repository or download the source code at the GitHub site or using any Git client of your preference.

At the Git shell you can type:

$ git clone

Obviously, in order to execute git commands, you’ll have to install it previously in your computer. You can follow the official getting started guide in case you need some help for that.

We love to hear your thoughts or any comments you have about our product. Please send us your feedback at our forums, filing a bug at our community site, or at the social media channels.

Hope you found this information useful.

Thank you!

On behalf of the MySQL Connector/Net team.