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11th MySQL User Camp at Bangalore, India

The user camp has always been a great platform for the interaction between the user community and the MySQL team. We hosted the 11th User Camp on 29th of July 2016 at ORACLE office located at Bangalore. The audience was a good mix of DBAs, freelancers, MySQL enthusiasts, developers from other firms and also the members of the MySQL team. The user camp was kicked off by the welcome speech from Srinivasarao Ravuri (Senior Manager at MySQL India). He briefly explained the history and purpose behind the MySQL user camp and followed it up with the agenda of the session.


Priyanka Sangam (Software developer at MySQL India) from MySQL Cluster team took over by explaining about cluster backup and restore. She initially explained the mechanism built in Cluster which facilitates the backup and recovery. She also gave a demonstration on backup and restore of the data using the cluster tools. Nitin Mehta from MySQL Sales team explained the business use cases for the tool. Presentation on “Backup and Restore in MySQL Cluster” can be viewed here.

02_First_Presentation 03_First_Presentation_2

Performance has always been of keen interest within MySQL and the user community. Amrendra (Software developer at MySQL India) presented about the scalability and benchmarking in MySQL Performance in the second session. He explained about the tools, parameters used to test the performance within MySQL.


Couple of questions from the audience on the tuning of performance monitoring parameters were answered by Amrendra. Presentation on “Scalability and Benchmark in MySQL Performance” can be viewed here.


After a short break, the third session was presented by Karthik and Vinoth from MyDBOPS. They have always been an active participants in the user camp. The session described about the tool used by them in monitoring the health of databases. They first went through about the shortcomings and pain points experienced by the DBAs while using the older tools. They described about their tools, Prometheus and Grafana and how it helps in alleviating the problems and pain points of the older tools. There were plenty of queries from the DBAs in the crowd on how to deploy, configure and read the reports generated by the tool. Presentation on “Modern MySQL Monitoring and Dashboards” can be viewed here.


The user camp ended with vote of thanks from Srinivasarao Ravuri and a short introduction from the MySQL team members in the audience. Then the forum opened up for Q&A, networking amongst the audience over snacks.

09_Discussion3_1 07_Discussion1


I would like to end this blog, by thanking the user community for their active participation and making it a success. We hope to hear from you in the future as well on the MySQL social forums and user camps.

Full session can be viewed here.

Please feel free to leave your feedback about the event and also the topics you would like to be covered in the upcoming sessions.