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Excerpts from this Manual MASTER_POS_WAIT() Syntax

SELECT MASTER_POS_WAIT('master_log_file', master_log_pos [, timeout])

This is actually a function, not a statement. It is used to ensure that the slave has read and executed events up to a given position in the master's binary log. See Section 12.18, “Miscellaneous Functions”, for a full description.

User Comments
  Posted by Nathan Tanner on August 9, 2003
NOTE: If you have a cyclical replication setup (ie. more then two servers in a replication chain) do *NOT* rely on 'SHOW MASTER STATUS' on the slave's MASTER for values to use in the master_pos_wait function. This is because if the slave had just finished executing a binlog event that didn't originally come from its own MASTER, the master_log_pos value to be used in this function won't work. I feel this is a bug, but it is apparently designed to work this way. Don't ask me why.
  Posted by Jeff C on December 9, 2005
WARNING: does not block if slave errors.

If show slave status is reporting an error, function returns instantly.

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