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Posted by Sean Fulton on June 4 2006 1:14pm[Delete] [Edit]

I had these errors after creating a new slave from the master.

I used the method of stopping the master, creating a tarfile of the ~/mysql directory, moving it to the slave, and then removing from ~/mysql server-specific files like the log files and myl.cnf. I also removed the following files:

ib_arch_log_0000000000 ibdata1 ib_logfile0 ib_logfile1

I got the errors listed above, but noted that the .frm files on the master worked. I then copied the four files above over to the slave, restarted mysql and it worked fine.

So don't just wantonly start deleting those .frm files.


Posted by Don Smith on December 19 2008 1:27pm[Delete] [Edit]

Error 121 can also be caused by attempting to add a constraint (foreign key) that already exists.

Posted by Chris Calender on November 18 2011 9:10pm[Delete] [Edit]

A missing .ibd file can also occur (albeit rare) if you issue a truncate table on an InnoDB table with no foreign keys (FKs) using the InnoDB Plugin and with innodb_file_per_table enabled, and mysqld crashes after the truncate has dropped after the ibd file has been dropped but not yet created.