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ClusterJUserException represents a database error. The underlying cause of the exception is contained in the "cause". Synopsis
 public class ClusterJDatastoreException extends, ClusterJException {
// Public Constructors  public ClusterJDatastoreException(String message);
  public ClusterJDatastoreException(String msg,
                                    int code,
                                    int mysqlCode,
                                    int status,
                                    int classification);

  public ClusterJDatastoreException(String message,
                                    Throwable t);

  public ClusterJDatastoreException(Throwable t);
// Public Methods  public int getClassification();
  public int getStatus();

Methods inherited from com.mysql.clusterj.ClusterJException: printStackTrace

Methods inherited from java.lang.Throwable: addSuppressed , fillInStackTrace , getCause , getLocalizedMessage , getMessage , getStackTrace , getSuppressed , initCause , setStackTrace , toString

Methods inherited from java.lang.Object: equals , getClass , hashCode , notify , notifyAll , wait

Figure 4.1 ClusterJDatastoreException Class

ClusterJDatastoreException Class

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