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3.2.3 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Repository

The Enterprise Service Manager requires a repository to store its data. The installer optionally installs a local, clean repository for this purpose. However, you can choose not to install the bundled MySQL Server and use another repository instead. This repository can be on the same machine as the Enterprise Service Manager, or on a remote machine.

The repository instance must be present before starting the MySQL Enterprise Monitor installation.


It is strongly recommended you use a clean installation of MySQL Server as the Enterprise Service Manager repository and do not use this server for any other purpose.

You must make several configuration changes to enable it for use as the repository.

Ensure the following:

  • The MySQL Server version is 5.6.14 or higher.


    It is possible to use MySQL 5.5.8, or 5.6.10, or higher, but 5.6.14 is the recommended minimum version for the MySQL Enterprise Monitor repository.

  • The InnoDB storage engine is available.

  • SSL is enabled. For more information on configuring SSL for MySQL Enterprise Monitor, see Section 6.2, “Installing SSL Certificates”.

You must ensure the following in the MySQL Server configuration:

  • Query Cache must not be enabled.

  • Set innodb_file_per_table=1.

  • Set innodb_file_format=Barracuda.

  • On Linux/Unix hosts, ensure innodb_flush_method=O_Direct, except on Solaris if ZFS is used. If using ZFS, comment out this parameter.

  • It is recommended to set innodb_log_file_size=2048M.

  • Define a Service Manager user to enable the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager to connect to, and modify, the repository. This user must have the following privileges:

    • CREATE

    • ALTER

    • DROP

    • INDEX



    • DELETE

    • INSERT



    • SELECT


    • UPDATE

    The Service Manager user's credentials are required by the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation process.

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