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MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3 User Manual
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4.2.5 The collect logs Command

collect logs [cluster_name]

This command collects log files and other related files from all hosts. When the name of a cluster (cluster_name) is supplied with the command, it collects all the log files (.log) as well as the configuration files (.ini, .cnf), error files (.err), and option files (.opt) used by all processes belonging to the cluster, and also all the agent log files.

The collected files are put under the MySQL Cluster Manager data repository (/opt/mcm_data/ by default, or specified by the option --manager-directory) inside a folder named collected_files, under which the files are organized under a hierarchy of timestamps [for the file collections] and then host names; below the host name level, the file organization mimics that on the host. For example, the agent log for the host tonfisk, collected on 2014-07-31 at 07:44:05, is found at:


If cluster_name is omitted, only the agent log files are collected.

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