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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.1.17 (2009-08-14)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.1.16.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Bug reported: If code with an error was entered into the Triggers tab of the Table Editor, the code disappeared when typing stopped.

    What actually happened was when a table name was given that was not that of the table currently being edited, the trigger code was moved to the table specified.

    MySQL Workbench has now been changed so that if a table name is specified other than other than that of the table being edited, then the table name is highlighted as a syntax error, rather than moving the trigger code to the table actually specified. (Bug #46349)

  • When a model with multiple EER Diagrams was opened, all EER Diagrams would be displayed in tabs. This happened whether or not a EER Diagram had been displayed in a tab prior to saving the model.

    MySQL Workbench has been changed so that the EER Diagram tab state is saved, so that when a model is opened, only those EER Diagram tabs that were open on save are restored. This prevents unnecessary cluttering of the interface. (Bug #44454, Bug #50732)

  • When a Text Object was placed on an EER Diagram it could not be resized and also did not appear to automatically resize correctly around any text entered.

    Text Objects on the EER Diagram canvas can now be resized by grabbing the sizing handles that appear when the object is selected. As with Table Objects, a manual modification of the object sets the manualSizing attribute of the Text Object to true. This property can also be set in the Properties pane. This means that these Text Objects automatically expand on entering more text, but the size isn't automatically reduced when text is removed or wrapped manually. By setting this property to false, the Text Object size is also automatically reduced to fit the containing text. (Bug #39887)

  • In the Foreign Keys tab it was not possible to rename a foreign key by renaming the corresponding index entry.

    MySQL Workbench has been changed so that it is possible to rename a foreign key by renaming its corresponding index. The foreign key name is now automatically updated when the index is renamed. The index name is also updated when the foreign key name is changed. (Bug #39511)

  • In MySQL Workbench it was not possible to generate an export script without schema information. MySQL Workbench has been changed to include the option Omit Schema Qualifier in Object Names. This can be found in the Forward Engineer SQL Script and Forward Engineer to Database wizards.

    Note that this does not change the script used in Procedures or Views. If you are using schema qualifiers in these locations you will have to remove them manually. (Bug #34827)

  • The menu item Help, View Reported Bugs has been added to the main menu. This opens the bugs listing for MySQL Workbench in the default browser. (Bug #32813)

Bugs Fixed

  • When trying to connect to a server from MySQL Workbench, this error was generated:

    Connection 'Server' could not be established: No bool value passed for CLIENT_COMPRESS

    This occurred when using connections created in MySQL Workbench 5.2.1 with 5.2.2. (Bug #46635)

  • On the EER Diagram, if an Undo operation was carried out after an Autosize operation, table objects were reduced to their minimum size. (Bug #46605)

  • An Unknown Exception was caught after placing a relationship between two tables in the EER Diagram. The exception generated was:

    Unknown Exception caught in: c:\documents and settings\mysqldev\my documents\visual
    studio 2008\projects\workbench\backend\windows\wbprivate.wr\src\Wb.h at line 1026

    (Bug #46562)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, if a default value was added for a column, it could not then be removed. (Bug #46509)

  • Calling the Plugins, Catalog, Dump All Table Columns item from the main menu generated this error:

    Error executing plugin wb.catalog.util.dumpColumns: error calling
    PyWbUtils.printAllColumns: 'str' object is not callable

    (Bug #46477)

  • In the EER Diagram, if a layer was double-clicked a new tab was added to the Table Editor. However, if a relationship or table was double-clicked any existing tab would be reused, rather than a new tab being created. There appeared to be no consistent policy on how double-clicks should be handled. (Bug #46466)

  • The INSERT statements generated for columns of type TEXT by the Insert Editor were not correct because the values were not quoted. Also, when the Insert Editor was closed and then reopened the last column entry was lost. (Bug #46390)

  • When an attempt was made to synchronize Stored Procedures from the source database to MySQL Workbench, the Stored Procedures were deleted from the source database. (Bug #46346)

  • If an attempt was made to load a new model file while a model file was already loaded, this error dialog was generated:

    OverviewBE::get_node: invalid node 1.1

    (Bug #46292)

  • When Plugins, Catalog, Give a Prefix to All Tables in Catalog, was selected from the main menu, MySQL Workbench crashed with this error:

    ** (mysql-workbench-bin:5898): WARNING **:
    /home/miguel/.mysql/workbench/wb_options.xml:325: link
    'b7ee49b4-67f5-11de-9d1e-0800272fd858' <object GrtObject> key=owner could not be resolved
    ** Message: item_activated: 0xadbb608 -> 'plugin:wb.file.newDocument'
    ** Message: unhandled message 4: wb.file.newDocument finished in 0.34s
    ** Message: item_activated: 0xaacbea8 -> 'plugin:wb.util.prefixTables'
    glibmm-ERROR **:
    unhandled exception (type std::exception) in signal handler:
    what: request_input_becb not implemented

    This only happened when running on Linux. (Bug #46280)

  • If the Table Editor had been invoked then the Text Boxes in the Tools, Preferences dialog became vertically misaligned. This only happened for MySQL Workbench running on OS X. (Bug #46255)

  • When an SQL Script was added and then its name changed, the name would erroneously revert back to Script. (Bug #46246)

  • Reverse Engineering from a live database failed if the server had sql_mode set to ANSI_QUOTES. (Bug #46185)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, selecting the AI check box before entering a name for the column caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #46150)

  • The Microsoft Windows version of MySQL Workbench leaked GDI objects, resulting in a drop in performance. (Bug #46101)

  • The text contained in a Text Object in an EER Diagram was syntax highlighted. This was not appropriate for a simple text note. (Bug #46092)

  • When using the Reverse Engineer Database wizard a Segmentation Fault was generated by MySQL Workbench on Ubuntu Linux:

    (mysql-workbench-bin:22735): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_selection_get_selected: assertion
    `selection->type != GTK_SELECTION_MULTIPLE' failed
    ** Message: item_activated: 0x30d4920 -> 'plugin:db.plugin.database.rev_eng'
    ** Message: unhandled message 4: db.plugin.database.rev_eng finished in 0,00s

    (Bug #46078)

  • When writing code in the Routine Editor it appeared that the code was lost if the Routine Editor was closed. (Bug #46049)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed if a table was selected, right-clicked, and then the menu item Copy SQL to Clipboard chosen.

    MySQL Workbench also crashed with the same model if an attempt was made to export the schema using the Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script wizard. (Bug #46025)

  • In the EER Diagram, when hovering the cursor over a column in a table, the hint box contained the text associated with the subsequent column, and the first column hint box contained the name of the table. (Bug #45997)

  • The Synchronize Model with Database wizard contain a spelling mistake. The word synchronization was mispelled as synchronizatiob. (Bug #45939)

  • If an attempt was made to copy and paste a trigger, the trigger code would revert to the source trigger, when the pasted trigger was edited.

    MySQL Workbench has been changed so that triggers are associated with the table in which they are edited. If a trigger has the wrong schema or table pointed to by its CREATE TRIGGER statement, it will be highlighted as a syntax error. (Bug #45931)

  • MySQL Workbench 5.1.16 failed to create INSERTs in the exported DDL for some tables. (Bug #45920)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed at startup on OS X. (Bug #45869)

  • When a model was synchronized with a live database, and only stored procedures needed to be synchronized, this error was generated:

    ERROR: Error 1046: No database selected

    (Bug #45867)

  • In MySQL Workbench running on OS X, if any changes were made in the Page Setup dialog, this error was generated:

    Type mismatch: expected object of type app.PaperType, but got app.PaperType

    Note, the Page Setup dialog is accessed by selecting File, Page setup... from the main menu. (Bug #45861)

  • The Forward Engineering SQL ALTER Script wizard generated DROP INDEX and ADD UNIQUE INDEX statements for any unique index, even for one that had not been modified. These unnecessary statements had to be manually deleted from the script. (Bug #45830)

  • When compiling the MySQL Workbench source with GNU C Compiler (GCC) version 4.4.0, the compilation failed because the version of the Boost library used was not compatible with GCC 4.4.0.

    The version of the Boost library required for compatibility with GCC 4.4.0 is 1.37 or later. (Bug #45798)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed and also lost procedure objects when attempting to synchronize with a live database. (Bug #45773)

  • When building MySQL Workbench on PowerPC/PowerPC64 on Linux, the build failed because bswap32 was not defined.

    In file included from src/
    src/base/arena.h: In member function 'void google::BaseArena::ReturnMemory(void*,
    src/base/arena.h:211: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
    src/ In function 'uint32 UNALIGNED_LOAD32(const void*)':
    src/ error: 'bswap32' was not declared in this scope

    (Bug #45629)

  • Relationship lines were not always drawn on the EER Diagram. (Bug #45583)

  • During Forward Engineering, clicking the Copy to Clipboard button generated code that contained an extra newline per line. (Bug #45579)

  • Attempts to rebuild the MySQL Workbench source RPM failed. The RPM appeared to contain an unmodified template instead of the correct spec file with variable placeholders replaced by actual values.

    When using the following command to rebuild the RPM:

    shell> rpmbuild -ba --clean SPECS/

    This error was generated:

    error: File /usr/src/packages/SOURCES/mysql-workbench-oss-@VERSION@.tar.gz:
    No such file or directory

    Further, the spec file in the package had the incorrect suffix instead of .spec. (Bug #45515)

  • MySQL Workbench 5.1.13 running on Ubuntu Linux crashed when it attempted to load a model file created using MySQL Workbench 5.0 on Windows XP. The same model file did load correctly using MySQL Workbench 5.1.12. (Bug #45491)

  • On OS X, it was not possible to resize a Text Object on the EER Diagram canvas. (Bug #45472)

    References: See also: Bug #39887.

  • When synchronizing a model with a live database, clicking the Update Model actually caused the server to be updated as if Update Source had been clicked. (Bug #45456)

  • The settings for ON UPDATE and ON DELETE in Foreign Key/Relationship Defaults set in the Model tab of Tools, Preferences, were not taken into account when new tables and relationships were created. (Bug #45393, Bug #45239)

  • The Inserts Editor did not have functionality to remove a row once added. This problem only occurred with MySQL Workbench running on Linux. (Bug #44458)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, if the column was of type ENUM and was given a default value, when an attempt was made to forward engineer the schema it would not validate. (Bug #44368)

  • In the Forward Engineer SQL Script wizard, on the SQL Object Export Filter page, if Back was clicked to go to the SQL Export Options page, and then Next was clicked to return to the SQL Object Export Filter page, on that page all sections were duplicated. If this was repeated the objects were triplicated and so on. (Bug #44317)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, when setting a column data type to ENUM it was not possible to choose Collation for the column details. Only the Table Default collation was available. (Bug #43352)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, a column name could be entered with leading or trailing spaces. That led to this error when exporting the schema:

    ERROR 1166 (42000): Incorrect column name 'name  '

    (Bug #43345)

  • The script created by Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script failed with an error if the model contained a view that referenced a column defined in another view. (Bug #43061)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, if a column is dragged and dropped to change its position, after the move the column highlighted is not the one moved. (Bug #42476)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, if a column was deleted, and it had inserts in the Inserts tab, in the Inserts tab the last entry would be incorrectly deleted. (Bug #41931)

  • In the Foreign Keys tab of the Table Editor, the values of the On Update and On Delete fields, in the Foreign Key Options pane, did not always refresh for each Foreign Key constraint selected in the table on the left side.

    For example, if the currently selected constraint was SET NULL for On Delete, and then a different selection was made for a constraint that has no action specified for On Delete, the field remained with the value from the previous selection, which gave a false indication that such action was specified in the definition of the newly selected constraint.

    Note that incorrect field values were only displayed when the last selected constraint did not have an action defined. (Bug #41887)

  • When the flags of a User Defined Type were changed in the User Types panel, the change was not updated in the EER Diagram, the Table Editor, or the exported SQL. (Bug #41453)

  • A model failed to synchronize with a live database because a column of type DOUBLE was exported as a type DOUBLE(256). (Bug #41290)

  • When a MySQL Workbench model was synchronized with a live database, a foreign key relationship, recently added to the database, was not reflected in the EER Diagram. Although the foreign key was created in the table object, the relationship connector widget was not drawn on the canvas. (Bug #41219)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, when moving a column lower in the list of columns using drag and drop, the column was incorrectly placed one position below the point indicated by the position marker. (Bug #40641)

  • When Connect to Columns was selected for the Relationship Notation option, the line connecting a foreign key to its referenced table was drawn to the incorrect column. (Bug #40627)

  • When Help, About was selected from the main menu, it was not possible to copy MySQL Workbench version information to the clipboard. (Bug #39610)

  • Foreign Key checks were not enabled before the standard inserts section of the script started. (Bug #35180)