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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.1.16 (2009-06-30, General Availability)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.1.15. This is the first General Availability (GA) level release of 5.1.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The MySQL Workbench Tools, Options... menu item has been renamed to Preferences..., and the corresponding dialog now has the title Workbench Preferences. (Bug #44462)

  • When a relationship was edited in the EER diagram, a new tab was created in the Table Editor, rather than using any existing relationship tab. For example, if one relationship tab existed, and then another relationship was edited, a new tab would be created, rather than using the existing tab. (Bug #39624)

  • In an EER diagram, if a table contained enums with many values, the table was excessively wide, and had to be manually resized.

    Version 5.1.16 now features a new preference setting which lets you specify the maximum length of a data type definition string, to be displayed in a table in an EER diagram. This is available for ENUM and SET types. Data type definitions that exceed these lengths are displayed as SET/ENUM(...) in the EER diagram.

    The new setting can be found by selecting Tools, Preferences from the main menu, and then selecting the Diagram tab. The settings are then available in the Tables panel. (Bug #34919)

Bugs Fixed

  • When an attempt was made to add a new table to a schema page other than the default MySQL Model page, this error was generated:

    Unknown Exception caught in c:\documents and settings\mysqldev\my documents\visual studio
    2008\projects\workbench\backend\windows\wbprivate.wr\src\Wb.h at line 1026

    (Bug #45821)

  • When a model was exported using either File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script or Database, Forward Engineer..., MySQL Workbench crashed with a segmentation fault. This occurred after the objects to export were selected, it did not matter if one or all objects were selected. This occurred using MySQL Workbench 5.1.14 RC on Ubuntu Linux and Windows. (Bug #45718)

  • The data type ENUM did not accept parenthesis in its values. (Bug #45607)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, when a column was right-clicked to display the context-sensitive menu, the Move Up and Move Down menu items were disabled. This meant that the order of the columns could not be changed in the normal manner. (Bug #45590)

  • Right-clicking in a blank area of the User Types window generated an exception:

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
       at MySQL.GUI.Workbench.UserDatatypesForm.contextMenuStrip1_Opening(Object sender,
    CancelEventArgs e)
       at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripDropDown.OnOpening(CancelEventArgs e)

    (Bug #45490)

  • When attempting to enter trigger code into the Triggers tab of the Table Editor, a timer appeared to periodically fire, which caused the delimiter to be added while typing.

    This only happened when using the OS X version of MySQL Workbench. (Bug #44264)

  • In the Forward Engineer SQL Script wizard, the location opened by the Browse button defaulted to the MySQL Workbench install directory. However, after an output script file was set the location opened by the Browse button returned to the default, rather than remembering the last location accessed. This required navigating to the correct location each time the script was regenerated. (Bug #43837)

  • MySQL Workbench displayed incorrect icons in the Table Editor. The icons for columns displayed in the table editor did not match those displayed in the EER Diagram. (Bug #42794)

  • In the Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script wizard, the Generate INSERT Statements for Tables option did not take into account which tables were excluded in the SQL Export Filters. All insert statements were generated, including those for tables that had been excluded in the export filters. (Bug #40913)

  • In the EER Diagram, right-clicking to edit a table sometimes failed with the following error:

    Cannot execute db.mysql.plugin.edit.table
    Plugin requires unhandled argument type.

    (Bug #39513)

  • When a table was renamed, inserts that had been created for it disappeared. Further, when a table was updated in Physical Schemata or in the Catalog pane, inserts were not updated. (Bug #38654)

  • If font size was changed in the Appearance tab of the Workbench Preferences dialog, this had no immediate effect on the visual appearance of the EER Diagram. (Bug #38198)

  • In the Indexes tab of the Table Editor, it was not possible to change the order number of a column for an index of type PRIMARY in the Index Columns panel, using the list available in the # column. (Bug #37273)

  • When zooming an EER Diagram, the text in a table would sometimes extend beyond the edge of the table box. (Bug #35407)